When You Think Your Job Sucks


After finishing my video of horrible Amazon products and reviews, I had an idea to take a look at horrible company reviews, courtesy of glassdoor.com. I honestly feel bad for these people. This is just a touch of what I found from some well-known companies.

Some of you may remember my masterpiece of a company review. After 2 years, I am still proud of it and mean every bit of it. Here was mine…..

glass door part 1

You think your job is bad? Check out these comments from former employees.

Foot Locker



Waffle House


Jesus! Shoot dope? I wouldn’t be able to sit at a desk and type out a proper email buzzed let alone that sort of drug!



The Bay Area has everything! Narcissists, jerks, psychopaths……

McDonald’s Part Une


I love this one! “You try makin’ McChicken sandwiches for 14 hours……” Maybe that’s why they’re so damn slow. They have a person on McChickens in lieu of cheeseburgers.

McDonald’s Part Deux


I see a theme in this review. I get the feeling that the reviewer thinks the job is dumb. Is that right?

Forever 21 Part Une


9.5 hours? Fuck that! At least most companies pretend they have work life balance until you start. At least they were up front I guess.

Forever 21 Part Deux

Forever 21 2

This exact thing happened to me. I walk in to my new desk (see my review up above) to find post-it notes still hanging on the cubicle walls and the filing cabinet completely filled with junk. It was as if she was out to lunch.

So there you go! Have you ever written a company review? Share it here!



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