My Latest Obsession- Ancestry


I have a few obsessions in this world and when I get going on them, I can’t stop thinking about them, writing about them, pinning about them or bringing them up in any given conversation. It’s almost a social awkward issue at this point. My current obsessions include the following:


tiny houses

baby groot

And my latest obsession? Finding out my history. I’ve now uploaded my raw DNA to 2 additional sites. Basically I am probably owned by the government at this point. But hear me out why I did this. I wanted to ensure my first results were super accurate. And plus, not only did my results shock me but something else happened.

Once you review your results, you can also review other members who have had their DNA tested too and find cousins! How cool is that? So I scrolled through the connections and one caught my eye because his last name was familiar as well as his picture.

‘No, this is not possible,’ I thought. ‘Familiar, but it doesn’t look like him.’

The next morning I sent the following email along with a screen shot of the gentleman in question to the Vice President of our company:

Hello! Please see below, I wanted to see if the gentleman in the picture is related to you or is in another family locally. 







He’s really cool and laid back so I felt comfortable sending this email. A few minutes later he responded with:

LOL! Where is this from?

I then explained how I took an ancestry test and how the gentleman in the picture showed up as a predicted 4-6th cousin and that we share DNA. Then my phone rang, it was the VP.

“That’s my uncle!” He laughed.

“No way, your uncle? Oh my God!”

Can you believe this? The man in the above picture is the owner of the company I currently work for!!! His son and 1 nephew is the Vice President while a 2nd nephew is the President!

So How Are We Related?

No fuckin’ clue. I just know upon my first attempt at ancestry research, I found several people in my family with their last name but from the 1700’s and 1800’s. I know their family and my family come from the exact small town in Italy. I am going to find out how we are connected though.

It was really cool yesterday because the President walked past my cube and said,

“What’s up cuz?”

Have any of you done DNA research? What did you find out? Anything shocking? I would love to hear any of your stories!



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