An Ode to Baby Groot

Baby Groot

This is officially my lamest post ever but I don’t care. That’s the beauty of a personal blog, you can write about whatever you want, no matter how stupid or insignificant it is. Sure, after my husband reads this, he’ll be carting me off to the loony bin but at least I…..ok….I got nothin’. This is truly stupid. And also, as a few of you know, I hate GIF’s in posts because they distract my eye but this post is about Groot and you need to understand the adorableness of this thing!

baby groot guardians of the galaxy volume 2 GIF


So for the first time Sunday night, I sat down and watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2 on Netflix, with my youngest. The beginning with Baby Groot was almost too much cuteness for me to take in. God forbid I get into an argument with one of you guys and it becomes heated. I have a tip for you if this happens, just show me something super cute, you will win every time. Cuteness is my absolute weakness and perhaps that’s why I’m obsessed with tiny houses, but I digress.

And my sons know this weakness. My youngest used to put a little hand on each cheek, tilt his head to the side and say “pu-weese mommy”. That was it.

You want a king size Kit-Kat? It’s yours.

You don’t want to clean your room? No problem, I’ll do it.

You want a grilled cheese and tomato soup for a snack, even though I have the flu? One sandwich or two son? 

chris pratt marvel GIF

But let’s get back to baby Groot. I’m convinced that the artists, cartoonists, whatever you want to call the people who created baby Groot met with Psychiatrist and Scientists to hit the ball out of the park.

“Dr. Spock, tell us every cutesy thing kids do so we can make this little fella do it!”

“What is the cutest thing this little character can say Dr. Gupta, to make women squeal in delight?”

baby groot marvel GIF


In the first Guardians of the Galaxy, there was a big Groot. My apologies if I offend anyone out there but I barely remember him. I just remember not being wowed and thinking ‘meh’. I can’t even remember the ending but apparently baby Groot was born.

I mean, look at this GIF. Just like a child, pay no attention about what is happening all around them, they just want to say hi!





tired baby GIF by Geek & Sundry

Groot is so sweet looking but extremely feisty with a nasty temper. When you mix cute and temper, you don’t get fire and fury, you get unimaginable adorableness. So I have absolutely no way to end this post and I know it’s lame beyond belief. I’d like to thank my son for suggesting this movie and I would like to thank my friend over at No Love For Fatties for helping her Gen X Hot Mess in attaching the GIF’s because I was making it A LOT harder than it needed to be.

So do you guys find baby Groot as cute as I do?








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