I love that the WordPress prompt is tardy because it’s something that baffles me almost every week. How can someone have 8 Kids and make it to a dental appointment, on time, with kids in tow. Yet there are some out there whose sole responsibility is a plant and they have to reschedule their 1:30 PM lunch date on a Saturday, because they couldn’t get their shit together.

My husband and I have different philosophes when it comes to tardiness/being on time. I like to be about 5 minutes early. If I have to travel somewhere far away, I try to be about 15-20 minutes early. My husband on the other hand, has the philosophy, and I quote,

“If you are on time, you are late.”


Because of this, I’ve coined the term: OBNOXIOUSLY EARLY. He is what I call obnoxiously early. Obnoxiously early is when you are too damn early, like, sitting in an empty theater for 30 minutes because the movie doesn’t start for 45 minutes more minutes, early. If we have to be at a soccer tournament 1.5 hours away and it’s at noon, we will leave the house at 9 A.M.

“Well there may be traffic,” he’ll say.

“Darling, it’s Sunday and Dayton isn’t exactly a hot bed of action on a Sunday morning.”

Regardless, I allow ample time to get ready, usually 1 hour. But that’s when at 8:40 he announces, “we better leave at 8:50 since we have to load the car up.

“Are we packing an RV?” I ask.

Coping With Tardiness

There are certain people in my life that are perpetually late. I used to get pissed off, even offended. Now I’ve just come to realize, that’s just them. It still bugs me but not as much. In fact, I’ve begun to just flat-out lie about the start time of a function. If something starts at 6, I tell them 5:30.

“If you love someone lie to them, if it was meant to be, they’ll show up on time.”

Isn’t that how the quote goes? No?


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