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Hot Mess Has a Snow Day!

Ok, more like my children have a snow day from school. Nay, my children have a cold day (I’ll get to that in a sec) but for once, I get to stay home with them! I have very limited days off so it’s always my husband or it’s always my in-laws staying home with them. Since the in-laws are in Florida till March, it’s up to my husband and I to leap-frog in staying home with them when one is sick or a snow day. So yeah bitches (and I say that as a term of endearment), I have a snow day!

And the boys are off, not because the roads are bad or in anticipation of excess snow, it’s just cold….really cold. My friend over at No Love for Fatties I think is still attempting to process this information because I’m guessing being in Canada, they don’t get days off for it being cold unless hell is freezing over. I don’t think my sons’ schools needed to call off the entire day but who am I to judge? I’m now sitting by the fire-place in my thick terry cloth robe, and a super fuzzy blanket, typing this. Yes….who am I to judge.

So I really have nothing to tell you guys other than I’m taking a cold day and will probably be online all day. So I would love to hear from you about snow/cold days when you were a kid. Did you get snow days or did you live in Hawaii and never got snow? You know what? If you live in paradise, you don’t deserve snow days. Just sayin’. If you have kids, do they get snow days? What is the weather like where you are right now? Let’s just check out my new favorite weather app to give me the local weather, shall we?

weather app

Yup….fuckin’ freezin’ right now!










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4 thoughts on “Hot Mess Has a Snow Day!

  1. It is currently -19 here with a real feel of -29 (-2/-20) for you folks lol. I’m not sure if our schools would be closed but school doesn’t start till Monday so I guess we’ll never know. I do know that sometimes buses are delayed on cold cold mornings to help them warm a little before heading out. But schools idk man. Haha! We just have the kids ride to school on the backs of polar bears and call it a day 😉

    Enjoy your day off!! I have one too. Making soup and then getting some threading done. First time. Im freaking out a little bit

  2. All I know is that I need that app! I love the truth, of course!

    There was a time in Colorado where it would not be strange for everybody to go to work and school with a foot of snow on the ground. Unfortunately, our population has increased so much that a snowflake on the ground causes massive traffic accidents and congestion that snow days tend to happen more often. But then again, we have had some warmer winters lately…

    Anyways, I hope you have fun with your kids!

  3. OOH! I do miss snow days. We have only had 1 or 2 days with a little snow here in Western Germany. (I lived in Western Michigan most of my life, so I know snow well.) Be sure to make some Russian Hot Chocolate and melt a little in front of the fire place. 🙂

  4. I must be one lucky Canadian to be here in BC where it’s cold as fuck but sounds like the rest of Canada is like frozen to all hell. Enjoy your day!!

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