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How To Get Free Solar Eclipse Glasses

My co-worker yesterday was sweet enough to purchase solar eclipse glasses for the department since we would be at work when it happened. She purchased 5 for $20. While I thought this to be a good deal, my cheap-ass always thinks you can find a better one.

I googled “free solar eclipse glasses” and 5 minutes later I was on this site:


A few hours later, I was at a nearby library, attempting to scam the front desk clerk out of 15-20 pairs. When she didn’t buy my story of being a sanctuary home, housing Polish immigrant children, I came clean and requested 4 pairs.

So unbeknownst to us, there are thousands and thousands of pairs of glasses available for free! Just go to to a library in the above link!! If your too lazy, you can also get them at Kroger for $1.99. I’m seriously thinking about getting a bunch and selling them for $5/pair.

My oldest is going to be home alone during the eclipse and my youngest will be at his first day of school. I don’t need my sons to go blind so I put the fear of God in them by saying DON’T LOOK AT THE SUN, NO MATTER HOW TEMPTED YOU ARE!  YOU’LL GO BLIND! I feel a little better knowing they have solar eclipse safety glasses.

So there! Your welcome! Feel free to send the difference of what you would have spent, to me ($20). I’ll invest it wisely in Starbucks and Black Box Cabernet.

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11 thoughts on “How To Get Free Solar Eclipse Glasses

    1. Just the money you save if you get free glasses. LOL! Well don’t go blind!!! This better be as amazing as they are claiming it’s gonna be!

  1. Wow. You’re not only a great humor writer, you’re a great public service announcement writer! Fortunately (I guess), The Dude is also A Geek, and owns a solar-viewing thingie that we’ll use. If he’ll let me take a turn, that is. xoxo

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