Disney Princess Nugget

I’m always looking for inspiration. Today as I sat in my car, praying the lighting would hold off so soccer would continue on, I found this amazing little nugget. I laughed like I do when I see awkward family photos or people of Walmart.

I will try (really hard) to not pass judgement. And maybe I’m just going about this wrong. I don’t have daughters but 2 sons. So maybe if I had girls, I would think this totally normal?? For $50, you can have a “photo shoot” of your child…with a stranger. The stranger is dressed like a Disney princess but actually looks nothing like the characters. It’s just a grown woman in a Halloween costume.

When I first saw this, I thought it were parents dressing up like Disney princesses, posing with their kid. I looked at one photo, convinced it was a father dressed like a princess. Suddenly my heart was sad, thinking that maybe there was no mom in the picture, so he was stepping up to the plate. Upon further inspection, I realized I was wrong and it was just a Helga-like woman. No offense to anyone named Helga. If your name is Helga, please replace aforementioned name with Birtha. If it’s Birtha, use Helga. Got it? Great, let’s move on.

I guess the thing that creeped me out was the “princesses” were kissing the girls on the cheek for a few of the pictures. Just an innocent, simple kiss but I don’t want a stranger kissing my sons’ cheek or even my cheek. In fact, a little toddler looked pissed over the whole matter like,

“Who the fuck is this and why is she kissing me?”

I’ll let you be the judge. Would you pay $50 for a photo shoot with one of these “princesses”? Below I’ve captured the Disney World actress, the cartoon then the princess in the picture.

I’m not telling whom I thought was a man….I’m just not……..

The Princess Comparison


So the reason why I feel I am an authority on Disney princesses is that I actually had a Disney World princess report to me as a temp at DSW corporate in 2011. Being a Disney princess was her summer job. She told me once that apparently you have to weigh a certain amount and obviously look a certain way. No thank you. I’ll keep my chicken nuggets and wine.

Look, I get it if you are at Disney World or a theme park and you take a picture of your kid with a character. That’s adorable. But when you pay good money for a woman in a Halloween costume to pose with your baby, I just don’t like it. That would be like me hanging photos of my children with complete strangers. No thank you.

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21 thoughts on “Disney Princess Nugget

  1. Dude …. theres all kind of stuff wrong with this! I won’t go off into too much of a rant, but suffice to say, heres where we teach our children (especially girls) that they should a. look like princesses b. let complete strangers touch them c. let complete strangers kiss them. Man or woman doesn’t bother Me, but I wouldn’t be paying to let some complete stranger lay their mitts on my kids … oh hell No lol. What are these people thinking?? Definitely disturbing.

    1. Ok, so I’m not just being a jerk here? I thought it was really odd. And you know, I’ll even give them the benefit of a doubt. Maybe for the 2 “photo shoots” where the princess was kissing the kid, maybe it’s a relative doing the first photo shoots for publicity????

      1. No I don’t think you’re being a jerk at all! I think your mama radar is working perfectly 😉
        Maybe with the relative thing … but they don’t look like relatives … I reckon it’s just all round creepy!

        1. It just needs to stop. Perhaps I need to make a call to Walt and be like, “yeah, there is some chic that’s using your name without your permission. Fix it.”

  2. Okies – so for reals, I actually know a girl who does this!! Or used to do it. She would go to birthday parties with other “princesses” and sing the disney songs and stuff.

        1. Wow, most of their “princesses” are just okay, but their Tinkerbell is legit. Their Anna is pretty spot-on as well. If those women ever want more stress and itchier underwear (wait, they fixed the underwear issue, didn’t they?) they could go work at Disney tomorrow.

          And now I feel gross for judging them like inbred show poodles. Hopefully they have terrible personalities?

            1. Disney used to have a rule that cast members who wore costumes (basically all of them, depending on how they were defining “costume”) couldn’t wear any personal items, including their own underwear. In other words, communal underwear was provided along with the sweaty costume. (I don’t know if you’ve ever worn one of those things, but they’re unbearable. The princess ones probably aren’t too bad, though not breathable, but the full animal costumes? Torture.) Anyway, eventually there were complaints and legal action over this practice.

              You know, because of the crabs.

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