Blogging Is Hard

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I say blogging is hard but I need to elaborate so you don’t think I’m a lazy ass hole. I LOVE blogging! The group of friends I’ve met are supportive, interesting, fun to talk to and I’ve learned new things like chav in England means white trash. Who knew?

When I say blogging is hard, I’m talking about all the other things you have to do just to get your posts in front of an audience to read it. My main goal is to entertain my readers. I love to laugh and I only want to pump out great content. From a practical standpoint, my other goal is to make money with my blog. To make money, I need to drive as much traffic as I can to my blog and that is where all the work comes in.

The Importance of StumbleUpon

So my latest endeavor is StumbleUpon. I have my blog hooked up to Google Analytics and it’s amazing to see where traffic comes from. Look how much comes from StumbleUpon for June:

Google Stats

So obviously I need to learn StumbleUpon and build up my presence there. Do any of you have tips? I have 1 follower and that was from 10 months ago. The thought of reading articles and “stumbling” them is daunting. I tried Reddit and failed miserably not realizing that is where trolls and curmudgeons live. This leads me to the other hard thing about blogging: all the time you need to invest in social media. How did we get so much social media? Half of these I’m like, why even try. I’ve never even heard of some of these…..

I struggle with keeping up Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I heard Pinterest is great for your blog. Crap, how do I even do that? I mean, I know how to do Pinterest but joining groups, being active? It’s really all too much. I’ve tried to put myself on a schedule and I have yet to follow it. I’m sure if I could make it a habit, my traffic might be even better but like exercising regularly, I just can’t get to that point where it’s a habit. And plus, sometimes I feel like some of the best posts for Twitter are when funny things pop up in the day. Scheduled posts seem too contrived and not interesting. Does that make sense?

Tell me what you guys do or don’t do with regards to social media and posting? I am in awe of many of you and how many blogs you are able to read in a day and comment. I honestly don’t know how you do it. Do you have a set schedule? Are you like me and keep a schedule? I want to read everyone every day and have tried but then my children are unfed and their laundry is piling up. I need like an to read me everyone’s posts. That would be amazing. Perhaps I’ll invent that and my little icon can join the sea of others above.


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