Reddit- Bloggers, Proceed With Caution

Soooo… my “blogging for dummies” books one of the recommendations is to add your postings to social bookmarking sites such as Reddit or Stumble Upon.

Copy that.

I’m a do’er.

I’m on it.

I signed up for an account a few weeks ago but had only added 1 posting. I knew I really had to get on it so last night I thought I would add my 3 postings on how my son had chosen my husband as his hero. You know, the funny, not really serious point of view of what it’s like to not be considered your son’s hero. Stings a little, right? This is how I cope-writing here.

Just a few minutes after posting I’m suddenly getting A LOT of traffic to my site. I am really excited. I’m watching Google Analytics real time and I actually had like 20 some people on my site. Eureka! I go back on to and notice, I have 2 comments. Suddenly I’m questioning why I haven’t done this before.

Here was the comment. I thought I had screen shot it and I guess I didn’t but it was simple and to the point:


Come again? I looked at the 2nd comment, confident it would be a mother telling Ozzy Osbourne to shut the hell up.

The 2nd comment was:


In addition to these individuals taking my post COMPLETELY out of context, this was in my mind borderline harassment. Suddenly another comment came up. This one I can screen shot because it’s the only one left on my post. When I reported the 1st thoughtful comment to Reddit, they must have removed the 2nd guys response because it too was gone. Here is the 3rd comment:

abusive readers for reddit

What in the world?? Joining Reddit joining the cast of Orange Is The New Black. I was being attacked, all within 10 minutes of my post for no reason at all. It was like these people were waiting to jump me or something Jesus.

I debated in responding back to the 1st one but realized that is probably what they wanted and I wasn’t going to to fall for it. I reported this person and it was removed. For the last one which made no sense at all, I wanted them to elaborate. I have yet to get a response:

response on

You really can’t see the response so here is what I wrote: Thank you for your advice. Could you please elaborate on the grammar and syntax you are referring to so I can make the appropriate adjustments?

I decided to check out my well spoken fans. All 3 had 1 thing in common- raging dorks. They were hardcore gamers discussing various topics such as unicorns and wizards. Reading additional posts made me feel better knowing what I was dealing with. I responded back to the 3rd one because it wasn’t abusive and I welcome constructive criticism.

So fellow Bloggers, proceed with caution when posting on Reddit. You never know when NUTSAC3000 is going to post something nasty in response.



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