Temper Tantrums

temper tantrum


My children have had their share of temper tantrums. I’ve tried to record a few of them and watch them every so often for a good laugh. Occasionally, they will join in and watch. As they look back, they think it’s hysterical.

I have temper tantrums sometimes on a daily basis. Usually it’s internal and the majority of the external ones are in my car. The ones in my car are only embarrassing when people look over and see me not only talking to myself but using my hand gestures. I’m Italian so sue me. Occasionally it looks like I’m having a seizure or something when both mouth and hands are going at the same time.

So behold, I would love to introduce you to some beautiful meltdowns I have captured over the years. Now, my children aren’t hellions. In fact, they are usually well-behaved. But they are children and these weren’t their finest moments. I’m glad I captured these as I’m toying with the idea of them being the intro into the rehearsal dinner videos in 20 years.

You Have to Go To School

This was when my youngest still was attending private school while my oldest attended public. Public school around here calls off if they see anything white fly by and assume it’s snow. The private school he was attending only called off if there was a zombie apocalypse.

I’ve Never Lost!

Now here is one where my EXTREMELY competitive oldest lost for the first time at Monopoly. He was having a tough time processing this and lashed out kinda like the exorcist. One person on Facebook suggested this should be a ring tone: I’VE NEVER LOST!

I Want a Banana!

And our final meltdown is of my youngest again, coming to terms that I do not have a banana for him and sadly I cannot pull a banana out of my ass. He was only a preschooler here and he looks back on this and laughs.

What did you think? Do you have meltdowns? Your kids? They aren’t funny in the moment but sure are years later!


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