Calluses Be Gone!

Callous Be gone!

I’m going to date myself here but do you guys remember in the movie Poltergeist when the little witch lady, or whatever she was used to say “Devil be gone!” Well I imagine her to say, “Calluses be gone!” Ok, that intro sucked, but don’t judge. Keep reading!

Say hello to my little friend!

callous shaver

“What is that Hot Mess?” You ask.

Well friends, it’s the best thing since nail polish remover in my opinion with regards to pedicures. It’s a callus shaver. Stick with me, I know this is an uncomfortable topic like talking about sex with your mom or dad (I never had that talk, see here) but again, stay with me!

You shave gently, unless you have calluses like mine, then you are pressing super hard on your heels, trying to extract the dead skin. Here are before and after pictures:






I highly recommend you purchase this immediately! I haven’t found this little nugget anywhere other than CVS. You can purchase in store or online here and the best thing it’s only $6.29 in store, $5.99 online. I’ve bought it for years! Just a side note, apply gently at first till you are comfortable with it. I don’t want you to shave down to your bone, that defeats the purpose. Am I right?

Have you used anything like this? Are you going to try it? I’m interested to hear from you!




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