Ass Hole of The Month- Manchester Bomber(s)

Manchester Attack

I’ve felt kinda’ nice over the past few months. Haven’t done an ass hole of the month for some time now. Here are a few I’ve already done:

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Thought this series had ended until the Ariana Grande concert happened just a few hours ago. This rant is VERY R-rated so if you are easily offended from language, please stop reading now.

What kind of sick fuck does this? Who plants a bomb(s) where children have come to watch their pop idol? Who? I’ll tell you who- a complete monster.

I swear to fucking God, if they think they are going to Heaven to meet 22 (or whatever # it is) virgins after committing this act, they are sorrily mistaken. You know what I wish for these monsters? You ever see American Horror Story Hotel where the “Addiction Demon” roams the halls with his drill bit dildo? That’s who I want these bombers to come into contact with for ALL OF ETERNITY!

The Terror Threats Are More Frequent

I am a humorous blogger. So why the fuck am I constantly writing posts like this? A few weeks ago I was writing about a cluster fuck who killed 3 people and himself just .20 miles away from a school my youngest attended last year, 5.6 miles from my home and a few miles from both of my sons’ schools. Both of their schools were on lock down. Lock down? Are you kidding me? The most drama we ever had during my school years was tornado drills. Never once did we have lock down drills. I can’t even imagine.

Last fall I wrote about the The Ohio State University Attacker when my youngest sister had to barricade her office and I worried about my cousin who also worked on campus.

Gonna throw down an F bomb again but what the fuck is happening? I live in the fucking mid-west. Our biggest worry is who’s cow will we tip tonight. Not a fucking lock down!

My Initial Naive

When 9/11 happened, it was a sunny beautiful day. I was helping my BFF move into an apartment with her boyfriend. As we entered the “clubhouse” to get her keys, we came upon the staff glued to the t.v. They completely ignored our arrival.

“What’s going on?” E’s boyfriend asked.

“A plane crashed into the twin towers,” the rental assistant said, not taking her eyes off the t.v.

“Kamikaze,” I blurted out. “I think it was kamikaze.” I said, only have a World War II frame of reference. I knew zero about radical Islam. How naive I was.

Final Words

I am so sorry for the families loosing family members. I would be a complete fucking basket case. I have no words for the numb I would feel if I lost a child.

I will spare all of you what I would like to do to the person(s) who had a hand in this. I am so sorry. Your heart hurts. My heart hurts.

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