It’s Raining Weenies!

Raining Weenies

This isn’t a particularly long post but I felt I needed to share. It was a normal morning when I arrived at work today. Really the only difference was more fog then I had ever seen in my life driving in.

Once in the parking lot, I grabbed my latte and my laptop bag and got out of my car. As I snaked between my car and the car next to me, something caught my eye from the bottom. I looked down and stopped in my tracks. I looked up and around in disbelief then back down again, questioning why this foreign object was there. It was a hot dog! No bun, no condiments, just a cold, lonely, little weenie.

I snickered under my breath and walked on. Suddenly, another hot dog…and another! Am I being pranked? As I looked onward, there were weenies scattered everywhere! Some hot dogs had already met their maker and were smashed into taupe ovals. Eventually I came across an empty, organic hot dog package. That’s ironic.

I have some questions for no one in particular about said weenies (it’s so much more fun to say weenie rather than hot dog, isn’t it? Again, I am a 12 year old at heart):

  • Why were so many left? Meaning, why haven’t animals sniffed their way to this treasure and devoured all of them? If ChiChi was there (my 150 year old chihuahua), she would have already consumed every weenie in the lot, laying on her back in a life threatening food coma.
  • Did someone get in a hot dog fight? Hot dogs are expensive and if I’m going to throw something at someone, it sure as shit isn’t going to be $4.99 pig by-product. Wait, these were organic so $6.99 pig by-product.
  • Was this someone’s lunch and somehow all the hot dogs fell out? I don’t know about you but in my 16 years of corporate, I have never taken hot dogs to work as my lunch.

So, I guess we will never solve the great weenie parking lot mystery but I thought it was hilarious to tell you guys!


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