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I’ve been noticing more and more vendors and co-workers using inspirational quotes under their signature in emails. I really don’t know what they are trying to achieve other than posts like this to discuss said quotes. Perhaps you use quotes too and if you do, I hope you choose wisely. The most ridiculous one I’ve seen so far is this:


Perhaps you are thinking about adding a quote to your email but haven’t nailed down the words that will change people’s lives. Don’t fret! Hot Mess has your back! I’m going to do you a solid and list quotes I made up but also a few I found on the internet that I find awesome. Your welcome. Let the inspirations begin!

“Your fire drill isn’t my fire drill”

“The quote in your email signature helpfully reminds me you’re an idiot”

“Aim for your dreams and you’ll land in a cubicle”

“Maybe the world will end tomorrow”

“I’m an empty shell”

“I don’t need to grow a thicker skin, you just need to stop being an ass hole”

“Sent from my carrier pigeon, Percy Finkleberry” 


“Never trust a person that has inspirational quotes in their email signature”

“You are not special, no matter how much you think you are”

“Don’t call me in 5 minutes and ask if I got your e-mail”

“No further communication is needed or desired.”

Are you inspired? Surely you are.  Do you have any quotes to add? Also, do you have serious quotes you put in your email?




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