Stuff I Hate To Do

stuff I hate to do

Seriously, I am truly a positive person. If you remove the stupidity of Kenneth from 30 Rock, his demeanor is my overall approach daily.

But I’ll be real, there is shit I hate to do. The below makes me roll my eyes and probably ages me by 24-36 hours. How about you? Am I just a lazy, whiny ass?

Shave-why does hair even grow back at this point? We aren’t animals, we don’t need the hair to keep us warm. I don’t want to pluck my eyebrows anymore. Oh, and for women that give a damn, we have to shape our eyebrows. Ugh…

Laundry– my sons whine they don’t have clean pants when there probably sitting in the dryer or in a folded pile in their room. Meanwhile, I’m wearing my jeans 3 days before washing. Additionally, my oldest has a “thing” where he wants to dry off with a new towel every time. After telling him he has to use a towel at least 1 more time, he now tries to disguise his towel addiction by hiding it under another towel on the hook and putting the towel in my hamper. This isn’t the Hilton. At no point did I put a little card on his pillow that said HELP US CONSERVE WATER. IF YOU CAN USE YOUR TOWEL ANOTHER DAY, HANG IT UP.

P.S. And don’t even think your getting something ironed. That is what a hot shower is for.

Unloading/loading the dishwasher– I LUV, LUV, LUV, that my sons pitch a fit for having to unload the dishwasher, once every other day together. I’ve gotten so good at unloading and loading that I can have it done in 5 minutes. I guess I can’t bitch I mean, there is a machine literally washing and drying my dishes. #firstworldproblems

Renewing my tags– For the first time, I did it before being pulled over. Sure, I did it on my birthday but you know what? That is total progress! Maybe this year I’ll even send in for my tags. Probably not but this is the first step.

Cleaning out my personal email- Didn’t I just do this? Last check? 7,184 e-mails. Ugh!!! We’ve all been there, subscribe to EVERYTHING to get that 10% off then we’ll probably never shop there again. Some places I didn’t even use the 10% off coupon. Then at some point they sell your info then you have other stupid places sending you stuff. I really need to unsubscribe, maybe I’ll do that today.

Pay utilities– Seriously, didn’t I just do this? How is the water $276? Oh right, forgot to pay it last month. I know, I know, put it on auto pay. You know I tried that with my electric and they were like, “you have to have 1 year of on time consecutive bill pay.” And I’m like, “good luck with that compadre.”

So those are a few. I think these came to me because it’s Saturday and for once, all I want to do is veg out but in reality I probably have to do at least 60% of the above. Add to my list! I want to hear what all of you hate to do and if it’s paying your butler and maid, I will scream at you.




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