Hot Mess’s Review of Beauty Products For Fall

Perfectly Posh

You ever get that really nice surprise in the mail and it just makes your day? Totally got mine on Sunday. Because we are irresponsible and have been known to let our mailbox pile up, we got out about a weeks worth of mail on Sunday just before heading to the beauty mecca of America- Great Clips. The package was from my newest friend Marcy in Jersey! Last month on Twitter, she alerted me that the company she reps for-Perfectly Posh, has a hand creme called HOT MESS. She not only kindly sent me a sample of this, but a bunch of other samples to review and post about if I liked them. Fast forward 6 weeks and we have become friends!

“Mummy dearest, you have a package!” My oldest called out in a fake British accent. Yes, my children are required to call me mummy dearest and they are not allowed to have wire hangers. If you did not get that joke, please Google “no wire hangers”.

While my children were getting trimmed by women that had a combined total of 8 piercings (I counted the ones I could see) and 12 tats (again, the ones I could see), I broken open the package to find samples! Ah samples! Inside was a little card thanking me for being a wonderful inspiration & for sharing my sick sense of humor. Ha! Love it! She insisted I didn’t need to blog about it but I want to. Women are always looking for a fun pick me up (I hate the word pamper, sorry) so I picked my favorites and I’m going to write about them. If you want to find out more about the product, go ahead and click on the link and it will take you right to the product and how to order.

*Side note, I am a paid spokesperson for Marcy as she has promised to babysit my children 5 times, take them to all cavity appointments and be my eyes and ears at all middle school dances. J/K!


I love you a whole brunch

I Love You A Whole Brunch This soap had a VERY clean smell to it. In fact, I loved the smell. It would be perfect for a shower that a man uses too. Ah, I wish I could have you smell my hands right now. $9








Dressed to ChillDressed To Chill Mmmmm…..this hand creme rocks! It has a berry scent and is not greasy in the least bit! My hands were rather dry and this took care of it in a heartbeat! Plus, and I know this shouldn’t have anything to do with it but I kinda’ like the name. Don’t judge. You know you do that too with wine labels. $9








Honey honey hand cremeHoney Honey Hand Creme Again, not greasy and smells great. You can smell the honey and lemon but it’s not overpowering. It wasn’t “bath and body”-ish if you know what I mean- those lotions that are so horribly overpowering with the scent like a lavender/vanilla/berry/chocolate where suddenly you feel like you are a room deodorizer. $17









I'm Turning Blueberry MaskI’m Turning Blueberry What I noticed most was the soothing effects (ok did I use the right effect? Sometimes I’m a little confused on that one). With the sweet fragrance of blueberries and yougurt, it felt like my au naturale friend that doesn’t exist, whipped this up in her kitchen. $18








Moisturize911Moisturize911 Caffeinated Facial Creme. Are you kidding me? Another way to put caffeine in my body? Um, yes please! I didn’t smell a fragrance and it left my skin smooth and silky. This is especially good considering my botox is set to wear off in the coming weeks. $16








So there you go! I love reviewing these products. It really gives me an excuse to (I’m not saying pamper, I hate that word about as much as the word moist) do something nice for myself. Like I said, head on over to Marcy’s site and buy yourself something to p****r yourself with!


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