I Learned About A Cowlick Today!


So I was reading the book Spending The Holidays With People I Want to Punch In The Throat by Jen Mann and it’s pretty brilliant! Cannot wait to finish it and move on to her other books. She mentions a cowlick in her book. I was over the moon because she has officially solved a mystery for me. It’s a mystery I could easily Google but never think to in the moment. The mystery is this:

A. Is it cowlick or colic?


B. What exactly is the situation on one’s head that has a cowlick?

Apparently I have 3 cowlicks, my oldest has like 2 and my youngest looks like a cockatoo. That picture o Whenever cowlicks came up in conversations and being mindful that I didn’t know the proper pronunciation, I would ask my question and lower my voice when pronouncing cowlick. I whispered a hybrid version so I wouldn’t be suspect: cal-lick.


I’m right back where I started God damn it! As I was typing this post and saying cowlick different ways, I realized many people (not just me) would say calic and I was thinking this was probably a thing too. Sure enough, I Googled calic and apparently it too means jacked up hair. So are they both right? Cowlick and calic? This is very frustrating because I thought I finally had the cowlick mystery solved.

If there are any hairdressers out there that could clarify this crisis for me, that would be awesome!

Now, on to the next mystery: Do you pronounce direct reports with the t or without the t? Again, I’ve heard it both ways but maybe I’ve just worked with a lot of knuckle draggers?

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