I Hate To Cook More Than Wal-Mart….Well Maybe Not Wal-Mart

Have I mentioned recently how much I hate to cook? I’ve written a similar post to this but feel you need reminded how much I hate to cook. It’s rather ironic because…..

A. My father owned an Italian restaurant growing up. At one point, 3 of them. He cooked like a boss. Well, he was the boss so I guess he had to??

B. My 1 sister graduated with a bachelors degree in food and beverage while my other sister works as a chef.

C. My new job is a Food Buyer! Yes! I buy food! I now work for a wonderful company that supplies food to hundreds of restaurants spanning several states.

D. My mother in law is a cooking savant. The woman kills it in the kitchen. Sure, the basis of every recipe is sour cream, cream cheese, heavy creme or a combination of all of this but you know, there is a heart attack niche out there.

So yeah, I don’t like cooking for the following reasons:

A. I do not have a finished product. I can’t put a casserole on the mantle to display for the next 6 weeks. If I were a hoarder, yes. Normal person, no.

B. I can follow the recipe to a T and it comes out tasting like ass. If I were to stray from the recipe it would taste like ass. Obviously I cannot win.

C. My sons being the children that they are will be honest with you and tell you how much they loath the risotto you just spent roughly an hour on. They then demand a lunchable.

D. This leads me to my next issue: you spend 30 minutes to a half hour in the kitchen for about a 15 minute meal. This isn’t Europe or Little House on the Prairie. We aren’t going to sit down for the next hour and talk about feelings. Quiet frankly, I don’t want to shoot the shit for a solid hour. I got things to do…..like blogging.

E. I make what I feel appropriate sized portions. My husband feels Chinese Buffet portions are the norm and to be expected. He looks at the chicken cutlets I’ve prepared as if it’s a baby and kitten hugging each other, pronounces it’s adorable then asks what the main course will be.

Do you love to cook? If so, and I ask with the utmost sincerity, why?


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