$%&! I Say At Chipotle

As an American I am in love with Chipotle. Chipotle is like America’s little darling and for lunch yesterday I wanted one of her 5 lb burritos. At a light, I attempted to put in my order on the app.  Chipotle said it was going to be 50 minutes till my order would be ready. Hell no. Once I got there and realized there was absolutely no reason for my order to be a 50 minute wait, I got into the non-existent line. Sure, it was 10:45 A.M. but who am I to judge when lunch should happen.

That being said, below is a list of $%&! I say when at Chipotle. Recognize any?

  1. Can you put a little more cheese on it?
  2. The line is soooooo long!
  3. Shit, I threw my basket away.
  4. Do you really need that many napkins?
  5. Can you put some more sour cream on it?
  6. Look at the disks in his ears.
  7. No not that one, that one.
  8. Can I have a little more chicken?
  9. Damn this is spicy.
  10. Is there anything in my teeth?
  11. I’ll take just a little sour cream and cheese, I’m on a diet.
  12. You’ve got something black between your teeth.
  13. There’s no place to sit!!!
  14. Ohh, let’s sit outside!
  15. Is this person ordering for an orphanage?
  16. Did you hear that report where your burrito has like 5,000 calories?


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