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After being diagnosed with Atypical Ductal Hyperplasia or ADH, I had a lumpectomy and started a 5 year regime of taking Tamoxifen once a day. One of the side effects is hot flashes despite still being in my 30’s.

At the Oncologists office last year:

Me: “Sweet! That means my period is going to stop right? Hot flashes equal no period, right?”

Oh my God so exciting! No more period!!!

Oncologist: “No, I’m sorry. You will still get your period.”

Me: “What the hell?”

Oncologist: “I know.”

I also found out Tamoxifen is an appetite suppressant so I was willing to bend a little on the period thing.

I absolutely love my doctors. Can’t say enough about them. I just happened to catch something they didn’t after a little research. Turns out the antidepressants I was taking, cancelled out the Tamoxifen. From what I’m to understand, if I don’t take Tamoxifen, you know-business as usual, my chances of breast cancer increases four-fold. In a nut shell, I pretty much need this medicine till 2020.

So, I can’t use anti-depressants. This fact completely blows so I self medicate with comedy. Much of what makes me laugh comes from You Tube. God bless You Tube. So for a night or two, I would love to share the videos that make me laugh, sometimes laughing till I cry. Right now, I need this funny shit. I have no problem watching it over and over again and I really wish there was a clean version as I would love to share it with my sons. I present to you my top favorite videos:

VIDEO 1: (give this till she is in the recording booth, your welcome)

Amy Schumer- Acting Off Camera


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