What the Hell Downton Abbey?

I have been waiting and waiting for Downton Abbey to begin again. I was over the moon to find it was 90 minutes long. This calls for a celebration.

Since I had downed the equivalent of probably 3 bottles of wine lasr night, I decided to give my liver the night off and look for a treat in the pantry. To my delight I found a 6 pack oreo snack the boys (by some miracle) had missed. I put it under my shirt and cooly walked upstairs.

‘Shit, where am I gonna hide this?’ I thought once upstairs. They were due up any minute to take showers and these little nuggets were mine. They would want the oreos the minute they saw them. I did what every self respecting adult/parent would do.

On my nightstand was my beaded clutch I had not put away yet from New Years Eve. Ah-ha! I quickly put my oreos in my clutch to conceal my nummies. T-minus 45 minutes. Here is a picture of my oreo concealment:


I was good and paced myself leaving my 6th oreo for the final 30 minutes. The bonus of using my clutch was that my clutch caught all the crumbs!

70 out of the 90 minutes rolls around and I hear “stay tuned for scenes of the next Downton Abbey.”

Nooooo!!! This is not what was agreed upon D.A. You said 90 minutes, I need 90 minutes of old Harry Potter witch. What’s going to happen now? 20 minutes of Viking Cruise Line commercials? No, it was a recap with some guy and that gymnastic star. D.A. began to slightly redeem themselves when I saw the Duke and Duchess but spiraled down fast when they interviewed P Diddy and Sharon Osborne on how much they love D.A.

What did you all think of the first, 70 minute episode?

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