Drone as Presents?


Be honest, when you hear drone you think warfare or small villages being blown up? At least this was the zeitgeist a few years ago. Apparently, now they are overpriced toys you purchase on Christmas Eve at Best Buy because one child has one extra present more than the other and “everything has to be fair”.

So, both boys were now within $17 of each other. I thought this was pretty good. Secretly I knew my oldest would lose his shit when the youngest opened the drone that he was not getting. He wasn’t getting a drone because he wanted Beats. He had Beats already but chose those sports ones on the basis of “Lebron wears them.” I was done, over it, finito.

As C opened the drone P put his hands over his mouth in sheer disbelief as he began to tear up. Not because he was so happy for his brother but because of sheer jealousy.

“P, open your gift!” I said trying to defuse the situation. As I reached for the Beats I realized in that instant that the box was the exact same size as the drone. He began to smile a ‘oh, there’s my drone. Shhheewww, you scared me for a second mom.’

As P opened his gift he was a little happy about the Beats but quietly devastated. He asked for a drone on Thanksgiving as we were combing through the black Friday ads. I had intentions on getting him one. C had asked for one too. As time went on, I never heard another word about the drone. In fact I heard more about the Beats then the drone so overall I thought we were good.

As we went through the presents, P came to the realization he wasn’t getting a drone and was fighting back tears. I felt like a complete ass hole and quickly racked my brain for a remedy.

‘Speedway is open on Christmas. Maybe they have a drone?’ was my first thought. ‘Hospital gift shop?’ Popped into my head.

I thought about posting the following on Facebook:

We have an emergency. Does anyone want to sell me their drone for $150? Private message me asap. Thanks in advance!

I came to the conclusion I had to do what I always said I wouldn’t. I scooted over to him (we were on the floor in front of the tree) and whispered in his ear, “tomorrow morning, first thing we’ll go get you a drone. Ok?”

I couldn’t help it. I caved. But I caved because one of my greatest fears happened on Christmas, my child was disappointed. That is like someone stabbing your heart. I think I told him this selfishly for my own mentality. He shook his head in agreement and grinned a little.

So today, after P’s ridiculously early soccer game (I’m certain the person doing the soccer scheduling does NOT celebrate Christmas) I hauled ass to Toys R Us. I dreaded it but to my surprise it was virtually empty. Since I’m such a tough mom, I did tell P he would have to put the 2 items he wanted to return towards the purchase of the drone. Since 1 was a gift from his cousin and we didn’t have a receipt I managed to get a lofty 11.76 back with tax to put towards the drone.

Tonight or tomorrow I will post about our first flying session from a few hours ago. Let’s just say C heard mommy curse for the first time and P saw what an adult meltdown looks like in its raw form.


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