10 Love Letters to Putin

letters to putin

Like you, I am absolutely disgusted with what’s happening in Ukraine. Thanks to an absolute mad man, innocent people are dying, many in unspeakable ways. We all know this is Putin’s war, not 99% of the Russians.

When I heard social media had been shut down, I had an idea. I Googled Craig’s List and sure as shit, Craig’s List Moscow still existed. I posted a warning in the community section about what is really happening and how Putin is causing needless suffering and murder.

My warning wasn’t the only one posted; they were actually in every section, from housing to jobs to for sale, everyone had their own way of communicating their disgust and outrage. Some messages were of sorrow and sympathy. A few were nothing more than pictures but several were crude, hilarious and deserving.

Let me be clear for the Karens and the curmudgeons of the world, I’m not making light of the situation, it’s God awful. But my job isn’t to Debbie Down ya’ll, in fact, it’s the opposite. I use humor to cope with things so maybe this is just my coping mechanism. If you look a little deeper in all of the below (except for the 2 perves that are using this crisis as a dating opportunity) it’s a beautiful thing to see people from around the world, attempting to get the message out to the Russian people about what’s really happening in Ukraine. Let’s begin!

10 Love Letters to Putin

Straight Forward

I felt this was straight to the point and pretty much what the entire world is thinking, including the pope:

Putin 1

An Offer You Can’t Refuse

I love that this person is willing to give someone their home, boat and car just to take care of this dumpster fire:

putin 6

Creepy but Fair

putin 7

Creativity at its Finest

Even a dictator isn’t immune to “yo mutha'” jokes. I think every suggestion in the below post is on point.

putin 5

To Piggy Back on the Last Post

And not to be outdone and while we’re on the topic, I see a general theme going on here…..

putin 3

Just the Facts Ma’am

Mess with someone’s money and they get pissed. I like that not only did this poster bring up the topic of money but also used the creepy photo of a middle-aged Putin, shirtless, on the back of a horse.

putin 2

As Short as a Broom

I don’t know if this is real but it would make sense that he has little man syndrome:

putin 8

Help Wanted

I absolutely love this post. I just noticed for compensation, they said “world’s respect.” Genius!


putin 4


Seriously why? Is this really the time and place for this? And isn’t this illegal anyway?

putin 9

Absolute Idiot

I saved the 2 idiots for last. To the lady above and this dude (who idiotically wore his work shirt in the picture), should we be doing this right now? No. We’re on the brink of WWIII and she’s looking for hot beef stroganoff and he’s searching for Pelmeni.

And I was going to be done with this post, but no, I’m not. I love that this idiot has several pictures of himself and feels the need to mention hes caucasian. I also love that he’s 61 yet his age limit is 50. If he was honest, you know his real limit is 18ish-35.

And if the pictures of him aren’t a panty dropper, what you can’t see in one of the thumbnails is the picture of his trailer. I went back and forth on whether to hide their faces but fuck it. If they’re going to use a war to get a little ass, I’m going to call them out on it. Craig’s List is public and these are public posts.

putin 10


I hope you enjoyed the love letter’s to Putin. Drop a comment below on your thoughts about all of this or if you have family over there.



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