Elections and Dumpster Fires


All of you hangin’ in there after the elections? I was expecting drama around the election but not the shit show it’s become. Now before everyone starts going into their little temper tantrums over the opposing candidate, just stop. If you can’t have enough self-control to focus on the topic here, please quit reading. Honestly, I’m a little dead inside and don’t have the energy for it.

I’m just exhausted, mentally over everything. I will admit it is somewhat self-inflicted. For example, I find myself still tuning in every single Tuesday and Thursday to listen to our governor tell us for the 500th time to not go to events, wear a mask and wash our hands. Duh. At this point, just because you say “you’ve gotta wear a mask,” Billy Bob isn’t going to suddenly pull his Carhart pants up over his crack while declaring, “I reckon he’s right.” The definition of insanity is doing the exact same thing over and over again and expecting different results. The same goes with him preaching. I guess I continue to listen because I feel like a shutdown or restrictions are eminent.

Election Shit Show

Then there’s the election. My polling location opened at 5:30 am and I was there by 6:35 am. Despite my early bird status, a line had formed, wrapping around the church in 30-degree weather. No matter, I was more excited than ever to vote and obviously, I wasn’t alone.

Election eve came and I had several friends over. We understood we probably wouldn’t know the results that evening however it was the expectation we would have a feeling of where it was heading. We went to bed drunk and got up the next morning to see the election had turned into a toddler who found the Halloween candy and washed it down with Mt. Dew. Absolutely all over the place, out of control and exhausting every adult around them. Then, as toddlers do, they come off their sugar high to walk the speed of snail (aka counting ballots).

AmericaSo tonight as I perused pretty much every social media site to find nothing but frustration, sadness and hatred, I thought I just needed something cathartic, hence this post.

As I predict the future because I’m so psychic (not), I’d like to think we are going to be known as the toughest generation of the modern United States. Collectively, we’ve all been dealt a pretty shitty hand this year. Sure, many hands are worse than others but as an overall society, it hasn’t been great.

Hang in there. If you need to drink more, eat more or whatever to cope, just do it. We’re all going to come out of this dumpster fire a bit broken (and fat), but I think we’re gonna be ok.

If not, let’s just say fuck it and join the Amish.



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