The Craft Room Sweatshop is Open for Business!

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Now is the time of the season where I fling open the doors of my craft room sweatshop and get to work. This year, I’ve increased prices. Last year, I was literally paying myself like $2-$3 an hour which was a joke. Sometimes last year, people would slip me an extra $5, $10 or even $20 because I charged so little. I just never want someone to think I’m overcharging them. Two weeks ago, I even made a shiny brochure that I paid for already and have yet to go pick up. Who knows if it’s still there. I thought I had to have a brochure then ended up sending all my co-workers the electronic version. After all, they buy a ton of shit from me.

cute make up bag wine glass















In addition to my craft room sweatshop, I’ve taught myself knitting and my husband won’t lay off the old lady jokes about knitting. I really don’t care if it makes me seem old, it’s therapeutic. It’s a way to get my nose out of my laptop or phone and do something relaxing and creative. I’ve finished one ball of yarn and bought 2 more. I’ll start the second ball, once I figure out how to connect the separate balls. I’ve worked on this so fuckin’ long that if this isn’t the best damn, most wonderful, cozy scarf, I will officially lose my shit.

So over the coming weeks, I’ll be slaving away in my craft room, pumping out super cute creations. Perhaps by January, I will have the feeling back in my fingertips and can write more.

Newest Member of the Family

In other news, my husband surprised me on Friday with a Roomba. Not in a 1950’s, buy your wife a vacuum cleaner gift. But this is super cool and will make life easier, gift. After thinking about names for the vacuum, there was really only one name, fitting for the newest member of our family and given her expertise. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you…….

sucky sucky





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