We’re All Gonna Be Happy Damn It! Practicing Hygge

practicing hygge

I am starting the fight against the winter blues well in advance of the shitty-ass time change that will take place in two weeks. I’m still trying to wrap my head around why we still do this as it literally serves no purpose in 2019. It’s stupid and horrible. I don’t care that my morning is dark. I do care that my evening is pitch black as I’m not working 2nd shift.

Last year, I thought about getting one of these and didn’t take the plunge. Earlier this week though, I said screw it and bought a Verilux Happy Light for $35. I’m loving it!

happy light


But I’m not stopping there. This season, I’ll be practicing hygge (pronounced who-ga). What is hygge? If I were to define it, it’s about embracing a cozy lifestyle and appreciationg the simple pleasures in life. It’s how the Nordic countries get through the dark winter months without wanting to kill themselves. It’s about fires, candles (lots of candles!), indulging, friends and family. So I asked my friends if they, their husbands and children would like to participate in a hygge night once a week. We would rotate houses and the girls were totally on board with this. Like, we’re already planning pajamas and making warm wassail to drink. Meanwhile, the husbands on the other hand, would rather have a lobotomy:


One of my sons announced he is just happy with his happiness and would rather not participate in hygge. I then informed him he would indeed be participating when it’s at our house. He had no rebuttal to that.

Hygge Activities

So here are some things I’ve got planned for when we have hygge night at our house. Some are kid-friendly and some aren’t:

  • Drink wassail
  • Play board games including Ticket to Ride, Monopoly (I love this game!), spoons and left/right/center.
  • Chapter readings of My Dad Wrote a Porno. If you haven’t checked out the podcast My Dad Wrote a Porno, you’re missing one of the greatest train wrecks of the century!
  • Fire in the fireplace or fire pit….always!
  • Dinners (easy casseroles)
  • Movie
  • Bake shit

So what do you guys thing? Are you going to be hyggeligt this season? Come on and try it with me! I even have a new Pinterest board set up for it for some ideas! Let me know in the comments section if you plan on practicing hygge!

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