10 Women’s Fall Basics for Under $30!

women's fall basics

I don’t talk about fashion too often on this blog which had I told 22-year-old me that, she would have rolled her eyes and announced she didn’t believe me. Thing is, I used to eat, sleep and breath fashion. I was into fashion so much growing up that my parents suggested I become a buyer so I could spend other peoples’ money. I thought this was a fantastic idea and received a fashion merchandising degree from THE Ohio State University.

Now? I just don’t care as much. If anything, I’m all about wearable tech. Hell, if I could get my phone implanted into my arm, I would. I’m also eyeing an Alexa ring for Christmas as well as a Samsung smartwatch or Fit Bit. Anyway, my wardrobe needs a little sprucing up however my sons also need clothes too. That means I will not be shopping at Nordstrom’s or any place you have to look somewhat presentable in. Nope, I’ll be shopping Amazon. I’m actually impressed by the affordable fashion they have and I’m not just saying that because I’m an Amazon affiliate. My boss mentioned on several occasions she finds things on there and it really never dawned on me to go there for fashion. So folks, I present to you 10 items I’m considering so if you see something you like, treat yo’ self! The best thing is that everything below is under $30!

The Long Cardigan- $27.99

long cardigan

I’m seeing long cardigans everywhere for Fall. And why not? They’re so flippin’ versatile. This one comes in 14 colors. You can pair it with a t-shirt and jeans or pencil skirt and top.








The Ruffle Shirt-$18.99

ruffle shirt I actually bought this shirt last night. I was looking for a transitional piece for the Fall, similar to a white ruffle t-shirt I have. It’s so simple and looks super comfy!








Shift Dress- $24.98

shift dressSo I’m thinking this dress would look great with sandals until it gets cold then pair them with tall black boots and tights in the winter months.








Chunky Sweater- $25.99

chunky sweater

When the wind howls by on a cold Saturday morning, all you want to do is throw on your biggest, warmest sweater and this one is looking like a future purchase for me. This one comes in a ton of colors. I picked this one because of the pretty baby blue.








Cocktail Swing Dress- $29.99
evening dress

So I cannot believe this beautiful dress is only $29.99! Again, there are several other colors, even yellow! So if you’re going out and need a cute evening dress, this could be it!













Tie-Waste Pocket Pant- $24.99

Tired of the typical pant? Such a snooze-fest these days. First of all, these have pockets so that’s already a mark in the right direction.













Faux-leather Tote- $15.51

Loving this tote and it’s a best seller on Amazon. I was shocked when I was scrolling, saw this and thought it would be like $100+. $15.51? Are you kidding me?












Button-Down Shirt- $19.85

black shirt I’ve been scouring several sites, looking for a simple button-down shirt and it’s honestly been a struggle. Designers feel like they have to put their mark on the classics thus ruining them. A best-seller for Amazon, I can see why.













Fall Jacket- $29.99

rain jacket


I did it! I found a great fall jacket for under $30! It’s water-repellant, has a hood and a draw-string waist. The cuffs are ribbed for windbreaking. If you want to learn more, click on the link to the left!












Holy Denim- $20.99

holy denimThis high-waisted jean won’t leave you with plumber’s crack and I also like that the holes are subtle. I have a pair of holy denim capris and the holes have stretched out so much that I almost can’t wear them anymore. I also think this jean would look great with the chunky sweater I mentioned earlier.

So folks, even if you didn’t see something here that isn’t your style, why not head on over to Amazon and find something that is!

*This post contains affiliate links which means if you click on them and make a purchase, I may earn a commission.



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