Today Was a Really Good Day

today was a good day

I don’t know about you but I feel like goods days are few and far between. I could learn to be more grateful for the little things but let’s be real, it’s so much easier to whine about the shitty things. Today though, I gotta say was a really, really good day and ya’ll get to hear about it.

Bonus Program

My work has implemented a bonus program for my department, that I know I can nail. Perhaps I’m going about this the wrong way but this money is going to have a serious impact on my life. After this meeting, I had a bounce in my step after the meeting and suddenly the prospect of my commute didn’t seem so daunting. I was waiting on little birdies to come sit on my shoulder like Snow White or something, as I whistled out of the building knowing that financially, things are going to be better.

snow white disney GIF


My commute is a fucking nightmare. ALL.THE.TIME. Like, I think I die a little each time I make the 31-35 mph treck home every night that usually takes around 50 minutes. Tonight, 38 minutes! Boom!

Ikea Catalog

As many of you know, I’m a huge fan of Ikea. I love Ikea so much and would live in the blue box store if they let me. As I pulled in to my driveway, I immediately got out and ran to the mailbox to see if the new Ikea catalog had arrived. I opened the box to find several dumb bills and one dumb flyer. I shut the box, leaving the bills and the flyer inside.

When I got inside the house, I made my way to the kitchen to slice off a piece of Mongolian beef from the crock pot, only to spy the following on the island:

ikea catalogI let out an audible gasp of excitement. My husband drove from downtown Columbus to Ikea which is 15 miles north of Columbus. Then he had to drive from Ikea, back to our house which is on the far East side of Columbus. Not even remotely close to each other but he did that for me! I immediately text him how grateful I was and so excited! I’m trying to limit myself to 10-minute increments of Ikea catalog since the new one won’t come out till next year.

So yeah, today was a really, really good day peoples! I am so very lucky! So tell me about your last really good day! Let’s keep the positive vibes going!

P.S. Screw my increments. I’ve gone through the entire Ikea catalog, texting pictures to family members of ideas. I will at least go through it 25 more times before the 2020 catalog comes out!


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