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The Friday before Mother’s day, I stopped by the grocery store, picked up a dozen roses and handed them out to all the moms of the office. Working full-time and taking care of kids? They definitely deserved a rose. But my roses paled in comparison to what my friend A got me. I had admired her bracelet and loved the story behind the bracelets.

Link Before You Sink Bracelet


Sorry for my lizard like skin. Obviously I don’t moisturize my hands as much as I should.

After experiencing multiple losses that would personally send me to the loony bin, Jenna (founder and CEO) linked up with friends and family for the support and love she needed. She had the intuition to realize that when you’re going through hell, it’s vital that we “link” up with people or we could possibly “sink” into depression, alcohol abuse or any other destructive behavior.

At that time, she came across a broken bicycle chain. To most, this was just an old bicycle chain that served no other purpose than to be garbage. For Jenna, this broken chain had the opportunity to be beautiful again, even if at one point it had been damaged.

And so, Link Before You Sink was born!

We Need Connections More than Ever

I once heard a study that out of all the “friends” you have on Facebook, on average, just four….again…just four, are actually really your friends. Now don’t get your panties in a bunch. There are some of you that have more than that but 4 is the average.

Jenna’s idea is so simple yet in 2019, linking with others seems to be a challenge! Her Link Before You Sink concept reminds us that we need to work on staying “linked” with others because bad stuff is going to happen and who has our backs when it does?

The Good Cause

Each bracelet is handmade with love here in my beloved city of Columbus, Ohio. For every purchase, 20% is donated to Love is Louder, a community building support for people experiencing loneliness, depression or bullying. Again, another great way to “link” with people.

Accompanying your bracelet is a real-life story, written by another person that “linked” up. Mine was from Sue and spoke of her struggle with always comparing herself to others. She never felt like she had enough, until she watched her friend lose both parents and a sibling! This tragedy made her really count her blessings!

Buy Your Link & Help Others

I knew I had to write about this company when I saw 2 words: PERFECTLY IMPERFECT on the tri-fold, included with the bracelet. That’s my blog tag line! Like the broken bike chain, there’s something perfect about our imperfections. Let’s not sweep them under the rug, hiding behind carefully edited social media posts! Let’s pull that stuff out and talk about it!

Also, Jenna has graciously offered a promo code for all Hot Mess Memoir readers! Use the code CONNECT25 and save 25% off any purchase until Memorial day (That’s this Monday for my Canadian and English friends across the pond!).

Click here to order yours Link Before You Sink!


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