Fortnite Humor!


As I sit here and attempt to update my social media, read comments and think about my next post, my 9-year-old is playing Fortnite with his soccer teammates. If you don’t know what Fortnite is, you’ve clearly been living in a fallout shelter for the past year with 0 communication with the outside world.

Some of the things he is saying is cracking me up and are on par with a drunk’s rant. That being said, as he yells into his headphones, I’m recording this one-sided conversation. It’s absolutely hilarious to me and makes no sense. Here is what I’m hearing…

  • I already gave you a mini gun!
  • Guys, let’s build a base on top of the tomato head.
  • You’ve got to build some tactical triangles.
  • Dang it G!
  • N, I’ll drop you a med kit. Come down from where you died.
  • There you go brother.
  • N, can you like throw up a shock wave grenade or something?
  • I had 100 health. Oh he has band-aids.
  • You shot our base down!
  • Bro I love apples. Hold on, I’m comin’ to grab apples.
  • Owwch… piece of crap!
  • Oh dude my foot. I can’t feel it.
  • Everybody be DJ Yonder. Put the puppy on!
  • Dude! We died in Tomato Town.
  • Guys, my mom says hi!
  • I got clingers! I got clingers!
  • Dude, look at the new smooth moves. That’s pretty sweet.

So do any of you play Fortnite or have kids that do? I get a kick out of watching the characters dance!





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