Contest Time- Invent a Cocktail!

Invent a Cocktail

Last night I was invited to an event by co-workers where the roads of the main street were shut down and you could walk around with open containers. There was a band playing and children running around. I was very impressed everything but not as impressed as when I went to order my wine inside a dive bar:

“Yeah, can I get a glass of Cabernet?”

“Sure, that’ll be $3.50,” the bartender said.

“Come again? I thought you said $3.50.” I repeated.

“Yeah, $3.50,” she said, somewhat flustered.

I turned to my co-worker.

“Are we in West Virgina or something? $3.50? Jesus, out in L.A. I can’t get a glass of wine for less than $12.”

My co-worker snickered at my little joke then requested libations as well.

“I’ll have a raspberry hot pants please?” My co-worker asked.

“You want a what?”

“A raspberry vodka.”

“Oh sorry, I swear you said raspberry hot pants!”

And maybe it was because we were already 2 drinks in but we thought that was the funniest things. She even regaled the bartender with my misunderstanding in which denim hot pants was NOT amused.

“Well a raspberry hot pants would be a super cute name!” I declared.

“It totally would!”

That’s when a contest idea struck me! You guys ready?

Raspberry Hot Pants Contest

I want you guys to invent the Raspberry Hot Pants drink! It can be any sort of beverage! Here are the rules:

  • 1 entry per person
  • Must be 21 or over
  • You can live on the moon for all I care. Everyone is eligible
  • I hate the taste of beer and peaches so avoid unless you can’t taste these ingredients
  • I don’t like overly sugary drinks
  • Bonus points if you take a picture of either you making it or the drink after you’ve made it
  • I’m not a millionaire so keep the ingredients affordable and practical
  • Please keep measurements in the American version (is that even what it’s called?) as I am too damn lazy to attempt to convert everything
  • Don’t copy an existing recipe as I’ll be searching each entry to ensure it’s not a copy
  • Contest ends 11:59 p.m. EST on August 11th 2018
  • Send your newly created recipe to me at [email protected]

The Prize


steve brule what GIF

The Judges

Duh, me! And also anyone else I deem judge worthy. I will be posting every recipe entry along with a link back to their blog if they are a blogger, starting 8/12.  I will make every one of your drinks and make a decision within the week of the contest closing. One will be deemed the official


Good luck to all you lushes out there! Don’t let me down!

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