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10 Reasons Today Was a Good Day!

You know, I’ve never wrote a post like this before but I thought why not now? Today was a good day. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t win the lottery or lose 10 pounds but overall, today was good for the following reasons:

  • It’s Friday
  • I got paid
  • We are going on about 4 consecutive days with sunshine
  • My boss let us leave at 3 today
  • I finally went #2 after 3 days of not going #2
  • Got 8 hours of sleep
  • Because of being let out of work early, I was able to get 90% of my house cleaning done in lieu of having to do it tomorrow or Sunday
  • I didn’t wake up hung over from going out with co-workers last night because I adulted the fuck out of happy hour last night
  • I was able to get a picture of my neighbor……walking his cat because my friend doesn’t believe mecatwalking
  • Orange is the New Black started today

So yeah, nothin’ to write home about but….er…..ok….I guess I’m still writing about it. Anyway, how has your week been? Good? Bad? In between? I hope all of you guys have an amazing weekend! Cheers!


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15 thoughts on “10 Reasons Today Was a Good Day!

  1. My week was not great because they are tearing out my rotted bathroom floor. All the banging and hammering and dust was awful. Glad your week went well anyhow.

    1. Oh wow, that doesn’t sound like fun at all!! I am currently doing everything in my power to stall in cleaning out our basement that is rotted to remodel it.

      1. A finished basement is wonderful. I used to have one at a different house. If you have rotted wood, you may have mold too. Mold is hard to get rid of.

        1. Yeah, we had to have about 1′ of dry wall cut out and we have a guy repairing the dry wall this Monday. Guess how much he’s charging? Only $185! He did our friend’s basement and was referred to us!

      1. If you can picture it, kind of in between. It has a flat front like a tour bus and it’s almost just as long but it’s as tall as a school bus.

  2. It took hours… But I finally arrived at my Pops place. We’re here for 10 days to settle him back home after surgery. So glad to be home 😍

  3. I’m watching OITNB right now while commenting. Definitely a win.

    My week was okay. I worked (security for ) a rave last Friday. It was mostly good. Entertaining at least. I worked (same) a soccer game in San Diego Wednesday. That was more of a shit show, surprisingly.

    I performed at and had dance students perform at the OC Fair on Sunday and that was mostly awesome but ended up with tons of blisters because I wore thin shoes to walk around the black asphault and it was HOT.

    I’ve been sick with a cold since Monday. And now it’s like the flu. But my daughter came back from Texas after 12 days and I missed her.

    So it’s kind of even. Some shit, some good. 🙂

    1. Your daughter coming back after 12 days must have been the best part of the week! If I’m gone from my boys more than 2 days I miss them. About this rave and soccer game, please tell me there were pacifiers involved! At the rave not the soccer game! Lol! Why was the soccer game a shit show?

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