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Roseanne- Stupid, Drugs, Alcohol or Arrogance?

I figured it had to either be stupidity, drugs, alcohol, arrogance or a combination of any of the above that fueled Roseanne’s completely idiotic, racist, stupid tweet. We’ll get to the cause in a moment.

“But Hot Mess, what is this tweet you speak of?”

For any of you who haven’t heard of what Roseanne said or despises Twitter (trust me, it took a long-ass time for me to figure it out and I’m still learning), here is the “eloquent” tweet she sent out 2 nights ago:


Valerie JarrettVJ she is referring to is Valerie Jarrett. Ms. Jarrett served as a senior advisor to President Barack Obama. Now, I don’t know what beef Roseanne had with Ms. Jarrett, but this was flat-out wrong. In what reality was this a good game plan?

Roseanne Reboot

And here’s the thing, I was flippin’ loving the new Roseanne! I loved it when it was on 20 years ago and I was falling back in love with it now. The surreal thing is both my sons loved the new one too. We would sit down every Wednesday night and watch together. If someone told little Hot Mess that in 20 years I’d be watching a new Roseanne, but with sons, I would have replied,

“You’re crazy! Everyone knows I’m going to have daughters. I don’t know the first thing about boys.”

What About the Cast and Crew?

I want to know if all the cast and crew are out of jobs, thanks to her idiocy. Was there an idiot clause? Should she do or say anything that gets the show shut down, they have severance or something? It seemed like a few of the cast members had gone on to live non-Hollywood lives after the first Roseanne. Did they quit that life for the Roseanne Reboot, that has been booted?


And then it came out today that she sent her tweet while under the influence of a sleep-aid, Ambien. Some reported she was high on Ambien. Was she high or taking the recommended dosage? Those are 2 different things. Regardless, Ambien doesn’t allow you to have all your wits about you but it also doesn’t change your view points on things. I know, I took it for a while.

I took Ambien for about a year because I was having trouble staying asleep. From my vantage point, I had approximately 15 minutes to get in bed and do nothing or I may attempt to bike to work with the neighbor kid’s tricycle. Eventually, I knew it was time to stop taking it when my husband said, and I quote, “that was the best sex we’d ever had,” one night after I had taken my dose. I don’t remember even having sex.

So what do you guys think? Do you think she’s trying to pass blame? Are you frustrated like I am?



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13 thoughts on “Roseanne- Stupid, Drugs, Alcohol or Arrogance?

  1. I understand everybody’s reasoning for loving the show so much but the show is not the person and that confuses the American public for some reason that I can’t understand. She’s been tweeting racist things for a long time now. And because the show is beloved no one wanted to see it. Was she high on Ambien when she took pictures dressed as Hitler baking Jew cookies? Was she high on Ambien when she tweeted that Barack Obama should now to Hilary Clinton and step aside? Excuse after excuse to keep her pockets fat dont make her the ‘loveable’ character on the show. As far as I know you can’t pick up your phone and all of a sudden has racist thoughts where they were none and send a tweet because you took Ambien. Bigot, please.

    1. Wow…honestly, I had no idea she said those other things. All of that is horrendous! Hell, I didn’t even know she was on Twitter till I caught word of a second Roseanne. I think the Ambien may have been like alcohol: truth serum. Couldn’t agree more, it doesn’t make you a racist. Your either a racist or not a racist, taking Ambien. Case closed.

      1. Yep, she’s been questionable for a while. For me there was no question after her comment about Barack Obama and then publicly supporting Trump even after his grab them by p****y comments. If you don’t respect me as a women and my right to exist without being preyed upon, we have nothing in common.

        1. This comment along with someone else’s went to spam. No idea why but sorry for the slow response. Anyway, when you are in the public eye, you CANNOT behave like that. Hell, as an average Joe, you can’t act like that. You just want to know what’s happening in their head.

          1. I don’t agree, there many privileges that are afforded in this society that don’t apply to everyone, especially if you’re wealthy.

  2. I heard that her show got cancelled completely after that! I didn’t get into it before or now. But my mom watched it before when it was on. I have a feeling if she did make the comments while on medication, they were probably still there lurking under the surface without it

  3. ^^^ Hahahahaha! Bigot, please. Bahahahahahahahahah!!

    I’ve never been a fan, nor did I care that the show was being rebooted. The only comment I have on the subject is how much I enjoyed the makers of Ambien tweet: “Racism Is Not A Known Side Effect.” Can we have a round of applause please!? DEAD.

  4. Husband was the one who “broke” the Ambien story to me, as I was done with her shenanigans for the last time. My response was about the same as that of the drug company: “Don’t blame the pills, honey; the pills didn’t make you racist, they just made you honest.”

    Here’s the thing: Disney took a chance on her, because they’re all about second chances. They knew that was what they were doing, they gambled on her ability to hold her shit together when confronted with “Seriously, NO ONE ELSE WILL HIRE YOUR CRAZY ASS.” She could not, as it turned out, hold her shit together. And I’m mad. Because I want to like Roseanne. When she’s on she is on fire and she did a lot for women in entertainment on her good days. We need bitches like that standing strong against the forces of “cute li’l show you wrote there, now would you mind putting on an apron?” But then she lost the plot and bought an island and an avocado farm or whatever, and all was quiet for a while. I miss the quiet more than I miss the new show. I miss the potential of the new show—to create a dialogue between angry intransigent Trump supporters and the Nazi-hating majority—more than I miss anything.

    1. I think you said it best about you want to like her then she pulls shit like this. Why? Why? And she did do a lot for women. That show (in my head) was the first show to show “normal people” and “normal problems”. I about fell off my chair when in the show she said, “I always pay the last notice on time.” It’s stuff like that we can relate to. Not

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