Everyone’s Like F*** It, It’s the End of the School Year


I love how the last month of school, everyone’s like fuck it. The parents are like fuck it, the kids are like fuck it and the teachers (I’m sure) are like fuck it. What I mean is we are just days away from the finish line and everyone’s doing everything they can, just to get there, with minimal effort. I thought it would be fun to compare what school days are like in September as opposed to May in the Hot Mess household. Here it goes…….


September: I was making simple yet effective calendars, and writing everyone’s schedule down. I knew what days the boys would be off and had my in-laws lined up to watch them.


Me: “You have another day off? WTF? You just had one last week. What’s it for this time?”

P: “Teacher training, I think.”

Me: “Teacher training? That’s what college is for. And they wonder why American kid’s education isn’t keeping up with the rest of the world. Cause you guys are never in school!”


September: I’ve sliced fresh strawberries and put black forest ham on a freshly baked ciabatta roll. Your G2 Gatorade is perfectly chilled and still warm cookies are placed lovingly in a Tupperware container. I’ve hand written a note of encouragement and placed it in the bottom of the box.


Me: “Why won’t you just flippin’ buy your lunch? How could you not like their pizza? How do you not like pizza? Well if I’m makin’ your lunch your gettin’ a lunchable. I’ll throw in an applesauce cup for nutrition but your gettin’ a lunchable.”



September: I look into my 13-year-old’s room as he sleeps and notice he has laid out his outfits for next 2 days. There are even matching socks and underwear for each outfit.


C: “Mom, I don’t have any clean socks.”

Me: “Yes you do, there’s a basket next to my bed with about 100 clean socks. Just find a pair.”

Clothing Part 2

September: It’s 85, you can’t wear your new jeans and sweatshirt!

May: It’s 55, you can’t wear your new shorts and t-shirt!

Bed Times

September: 9 PM, on the dot, time for bed. Lights out.

May: It’s 10! What are you still doin’ up?

Take Home Folder

September: Each night the parents are to check their child’s folder and see what color they got on a scale. It basically tells you if your kid was good today or not. You initial each day. You also review all the paperwork in your kids folder.

May: I haven’t initialed the folder since March. When I inquired about it C said the teacher doesn’t check them anymore. Again, we’re all just tryin’ to make it.


So by the time the end of the school year rolls around, are you guys like this? Just doing everything you can to survive? We are!




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