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office chair

My husband doesn’t know this but he will be purchasing a desk chair for me for Mother’s Day. Right now, I blog from the kitchen table or on the sofa. I’d love to set up shop permanently at my desk in our front room. I have a beautiful grey desk with scrolled legs I bought at Ikea. Currently though, the office chair is about as comfortable as attempting to sit on bleachers while blogging. Don’t believe me? Here is my existing chair:

office chair















And so I need a chair. I’ve researched online and here are the final contestants. Will you help me pick one?

Chair 1 $66 Wayfair.com

If I had my way, every single thing in my house would be white and/or pink. This chair fits the white bill and is amazing in price at just $66!

chair 1













Chair 2 $78 Wayfair.com

This one is a bit more modern and seems ergonomically correct. Originally $250, this is a steal at just $78.

chair 2











Chair 3 $135 Target.com

Loving the gold on the chair and the streamlined cushion. I wish it had arms though. That’s the only drawback.

chair 3












Chair 4 $140 Staples.com

Ok, this really is too much for his budget but I really, really like how curvy this chair is and I like to criss-cross my lap sometimes while I type and I think this would allow it.

desk chair 5








So which one you guys. And if you want to say “none of them”, that’s allowed too. Also, if you know of the perfect, affordable chair, send me a link in the comments! I’m all ears!

P.S. Less than 24 hours till Mother’s Day weekend! No laundry! No nothing!






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