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Pick My Office Chair

My husband doesn’t know this but he will be purchasing a desk chair for me for Mother’s Day. Right now, I blog from the kitchen table or on the sofa. I’d love to set up shop permanently at my desk in our front room. I have a beautiful grey desk with scrolled legs I bought at Ikea. Currently though, the office chair is about as comfortable as attempting to sit on bleachers while blogging. Don’t believe me? Here is my existing chair:

office chair















And so I need a chair. I’ve researched online and here are the final contestants. Will you help me pick one?

Chair 1 $66

If I had my way, every single thing in my house would be white and/or pink. This chair fits the white bill and is amazing in price at just $66!

chair 1













Chair 2 $78

This one is a bit more modern and seems ergonomically correct. Originally $250, this is a steal at just $78.

chair 2











Chair 3 $135

Loving the gold on the chair and the streamlined cushion. I wish it had arms though. That’s the only drawback.

chair 3












Chair 4 $140

Ok, this really is too much for his budget but I really, really like how curvy this chair is and I like to criss-cross my lap sometimes while I type and I think this would allow it.

desk chair 5








So which one you guys. And if you want to say “none of them”, that’s allowed too. Also, if you know of the perfect, affordable chair, send me a link in the comments! I’m all ears!

P.S. Less than 24 hours till Mother’s Day weekend! No laundry! No nothing!





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9 thoughts on “Pick My Office Chair

  1. They all look lovely – Chair 1 for looks Chair 2 for comfort? I have a confession to make – I TOTALLY blew the budget about 8 years ago and bought a HAG chair It was ridiculously expensive about £400 but it is honestly worth every penny. I work full time from home so sit on my ass for at least 30 hours per week and am never uncomfortable plus you can spin about on it really well 🙂 Whatever you go for happy sitting X

    1. I googled how many dollars that is and THAT’S EXPENSIVE! I’m not “there” in needing a chair that expensive but I bet it’s wonderful! I’ll check out the site next. Ok, thank you for your votes!

  2. 1 or 2 but leaning towards 1. If you’re blogging its probably after a long day at work or on the weekend or after you’ve had some wine (riiggghhht? Right haha) and who cares about ergonomics after work or on the weekend or after wine? Go for comfort! Number 1 looks SOOO comfy!

    1. Ok, sounds like everyone is loving 1 or maybe 2 so far! And you’re right about the schedule and wine! LOL! I just want it to be a chair that I’m not going to want to get out of seconds after sitting down. You know?

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