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My sons are obsessed with YouTube. YouTube has changed how the youth of today watch t.v. Instead of tuning in to watch ALF, they are tuning into YouTube to watch a vlogger play video games or do a stupid stunts. I’ll be downstairs and I’ll hear my 9-year-old in his room let out a big belly laugh because he’s watching a YouTube show called appropriately, Try Not to Laugh.

I am on YouTube for 2 reasons: To either listen to a song that Amazon music doesn’t offer free with Prime or for tutorials. The tutorials I’ve watched and learned from include: how to remove a sink pipe (my son’s tooth fell down there and we both know the tooth fairy wasn’t going to extract it), social media tips, excel how-tos, make up tips and probably another million other reasons I can’t think of.

The Idea

P, the 12-year-old wants to make money before our trip to L.A. in 3 weeks. He negotiated work with his grandparents in exchange for money so I drove him and C, the 9-year-old, half way and let them walk the remaining 18 miles. I kid, no, I met my father-in-law. But before the kid drop-off, and to my disappointment, immediately upon entering the SUV, P grabbed the AUX cord to connect his phone to the radio so all us would be blessed with his uplifting, lovely, music.

“I wanna get you on camera, commenting on my songs.” P said.

“Yeah, that would be pretty funny,” I agreed.

This request stemmed from my comments after everything the rapper said that confused me. Here are just a few examples.

Smoking a cookie

“Smoking a cookie? What’s he talkin’ about? That better not be a girl scout cookie, otherwise that’s a complete waste of cookie.”

Splitin’ M’s

“What’s an M?” I asked. My sons answered “millions” in unison.

“Oh ok, I thought it was like an appetizer or something. Like, you roll up to Applebees and say, I’m starvin’! How about you get the loaded fries, I’ll get the M and we can share!”

Then there was another term that I asked about (I can’t remember it) and both of them gave each other a knowing look.

“You know what? I don’t want to know.”

So, as I sit here typing this up, P is in his room researching how he can splice and dice a video together. If he figures it out, I’ll be posting it on here, as well as YouTube. It’s always nice to shake things ups and offer different formats.



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