Words I Misuse

Words I Misuse

I’m writing this in the hopes that someone out there has a genius way in helping me remember which word to use and when. I’ve had relatives correct my grammar and blogging friends, and I welcome the advice. Here are my troublemakers:

  • Your vs. You’re
  • Course vs. Coarse
  • Are vs. Is
  • Lie vs. Lay
  • Effect vs. Affect (I thought I had a handle on this till someone made me question my confidence)
  • Then vs. Than

And when I Google this stuff, and click on a website, the definition might as well be in Russian. I say Russian because the definition is like “this means it’s the second person possessive adjective” or “present participle blah, blah, blah”. I don’t understand all of that and in order to understand how to use a specific word, I would have to relearn all of the grammar rules and definitions. That’s a huge commitment and honestly, I don’t know if I find it that important to sit down and learn. All of you teachers and grammar nazis can close your mouth now,  because I just felt a collective gasp that came from around the world when I said it.

I’m not a big fan of GIFs in blog posts (super distracting), but when I saw this one, I couldn’t resist. Enjoy!





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