5 Gifts Women Don’t Want for Valentine’s Day

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For each holiday, there are a few commercials that are played no matter how old they are. For instance, there are alway 2 commercials that pop up for Christmas. One is the black and white Liz Taylor commercial where she throws her diamond earrings on the table pronouncing, “these have always brought me luck”. The other is the Hershey Kiss commercial of the red and green foil wrapped chocolates, posing as bells and playing We Wish You a Merry Christmas.

Valentine’s Day is no different but the items being promoted in a few of them are ridiculous. 2 items in my list below play their commercials non-stop and they are obnoxious. My husband has never bought me these things nor will he ever unless he wants his man card pulled. I fully recognize that this is my own opinion and 1 person may disagree. That’s fine. In no particular order, here are the worst gifts to give a woman on Valentine’s Day.

Vermont Teddy Bear

I see these commercials every year and my eyes can’t roll back far enough. Are toddlers running this company? Are there actual adults that think a teddy bear is a great gift? The commercials show beautiful women (yes women, not children) hugging a 5′ bear. Now I’m sure this is an amazing gift if you are a furry. Hell, you may ask your beloved to take you right then and there on the play station but for 99.9999% of the population, this is stupid.

Lotions Not Requested

I really can’t think of a more impersonal gift than a basket set of lotions. Really? You are showing the love of your life how much you cherish them by bestowing a Bath and Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom lotion set on them? And don’t be even more cheap and get a generic set that’s called Shower and Body Works Cherry Blossom.

Tacky Jewelry

I wrote a post yesterday about ridiculous items you can find on your local Facebook Selling Wall. If you get a bracelet like this for your girlfriend/wife, she should break-up/divorce you immediately.



An equally bad gift- Pajamagram. While clicking on their site, I made a discovery. Pajamagram is owned by Vermont Teddy Bear Company! So 2 out of 5 gifts listed are from the same company. Anyway, the Pajamagram they market the most features a beautiful model in a pink footed, (yes, footed) onsie pajama. I’m sure when men think Valentine’s Day, they envision their woman covered head to toe. Maybe this is a sexy gift in the Amish sect?


God help you if you give/do nothing for Valentine’s Day. You should go without sex for 2 months for being cheap and/or lazy. I’m not even talking gifts. If money is tight, make her dinner, give her a back massage or surprise her with a clean apartment/house. I’m guessing you don’t live in Buckingham Palace so how long is it going to take you to clean the house 1-2 hours?

So ladies, what did I leave out? What is on par with dog house status, if you receive it as a gift? Are you doing anything for Valentine’s Day?


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