Alpacas and Google’s Art & Culture

alpacas and google art & culture

This evening, my husband turned his Ipad so I could read the following. I about fell off the bed in laughter as it was beyond true. I called in both sons to read this because I felt, the more the merrier. I tried without success to find a link to share this since technically this is a gif. This is from Elite Daily, a news platform for millennials and though I’m Generation X, I found this so fuckin’ funny. Folks, I present to you the most magical funny of the week…..


Was I right?

Ugly Historical Women

This evening I found out about a new app by Google called Google Arts & Culture. You take a selfie then Google matches it with works of art and presents them to you. I absolutely love history, especially historical costume so I was giddy with excitement about this app. After downloading it I immediately clicked on it to reveal selfie mode.

“Jesus Christ!” I said as I turned the phone away as to no longer look at my double chin and no make-up face. While I pointed the lens to the ceiling, I found the regular camera and took a picture of my Facebook profile page. After just a few seconds, it generated the following comparisons.

Google artgoogle artgoogle artgoogle art and culture















I took another picture and compared…..

google art and culturegoogle art and culture















Now…out of all the double chins, and no make-up, I absolutely gasped in horror when this little lady below came up. I enlarged it so you can see what kind of ugly we are dealing with. I don’t have a receding hair line. And did this woman get any sleep the night before? She was rich, she could have been like, “Pierre, not today. Let’s table this portrait till tomorrow.” I mean, if they had licenses back then, this would have been her driver’s license photo.

google art and cultureThis app is absolutely addictive. I began to take pictures of my husband, my sons, my sisters, literally everyone, comparing their pictures. Surprisingly, my husband’s pic was compared to George Washington. I’m married to a president everyone. My sons’ comparisons ranged from children to women. My sister’s perfect teeth and nose landed her comparisons with beautiful French women in Impressionistic paintings. I could probably play with this all night.

So, when you have a few minutes, download the app and try it out. Tell me what you think! Well, I’m going to bed now so I can look well rested for when Pierre wants to paint his next painting.













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