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The Hot Mess Diet- Week 1

Who’s with me? We’ve had a week to gorge our brains out with New Years, the holidays, etc.

Ok guys, I’m tired of my muffin top. I’m tired of looking at my pictures and wincing in pain at my stomach and/or my double chin. How many times have you looked at a selfie or a picture that you were 100% confident you did everything right to make it a great photo and your like, what the fuck?

At this point, there isn’t a rush to lose weight. I mean at this point let’s just say, fuck it, I’m chubby, pleasantly plump, uncomfortable in my skin, whatever you want to call it. So folks, what do you say we take our time? What do you say we lose some weight together? No diet has really worked for me so fuck it, I’m making my own diet and it’s called the Hot Mess Diet.

It takes 21 days to develop a habit. So if that’s the case, going slower is better, right? Ok, so here is what we need to do the first week of this diet. Ready?

  • Weigh yourself
  • Measure and record your chest, waist and hips
  • Do the following exercises at least 3 times before next Sunday: exercise
  • Each day, drink double the amount of water you drink up until you get 64 ounces of water each day. Feel free to flavor it if it makes it go down better.
  • Get at least 3,000 steps in a day. We are supposed to get about 10,000 steps in a day so this makes sure you don’t get bed sores or something.

Dude…that’s it! This week, eat what you normally do. As I said, we are taking this at a snail’s pace so we can develop better habits. I think that is what is never incorporated into a good diet, allowing enough time for a habit to develop. That’s all we have to do the first week. We can do this right? Let’s do this! Lets support each other! We can do this! I want to do this!!! Who’s with me?


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31 thoughts on “The Hot Mess Diet- Week 1

  1. There are a few reasons I don’t have pictures of myself online – I really don’t like the reminder.

    With that being said, I am doing better about eating right and my weight loss hasn’t been much (yet), but I am feeling better!

    But yes! Let’s get healthier!

    1. Sounds like a plan! Yep! I allowed myself the first week of the new year to screw off with my food intake. Now I’m ready to get down to brass tacks!

  2. This is great – so simple.I am trying my own plan at moment – pretty similar to what you’re doing – basically moving a bit more. I’ll look out for your updates. JIll

  3. Great idea HM! Whenever I go home to my parents’ house, I always weigh myself haha. I keep this as a way to not obsess about it but also because I heard that every scale is different so I just stick to the one I know 😛 But I’ve also wanted to add in a little bit of extra movement into my days. Especially my days off. Might try this out!

      1. I’m mainly comfortable in my own skin due to laziness and resigning myself to my state haha. Hey I definitely have days when I look in the mirror and don’t like what I see. I wouldn’t be human, if I didn’t. For the love of all things holy, WordPress is telling me that I don’t follow you, so for the 90th time I’m going to follow you again xx

        1. I just don’t understand that! I saw you followed me AGAIN! I am so sorry and I need to get to the bottom of this. It’s like ground hog day. I think WordPress hates me or something.

          1. Haha. It might be an issue my end of course, but you do seem to be only one I get this issue with. It’s like the universe is trying to separate us! What’s it so afraid of?! X

  4. I find that whenever I start to weigh myself, I obsess about it and end up putting on more weight. But it I don’t check it, and just cycle to work, a teeny bit will drop off…

    I think I’d lost around 7kg since moving to Canada…but then Christmas happened and we bought loads of cheese from whole foods. I don’t want to check again!

      1. Bawahaha! That is a good way to look at it!
        I just started cycling to work…I think that is what did it.

  5. I avoid scales like they’ll give me an incurable disease–and maybe they will! I see the number and I get all judgy with myself. But, F-that. I hate feeling judgy with myself. But, I do like simple, manageable changes. Like skipping the whip cream in my mocha. or having dried fruit for dessert instead of a bowl of ice cream. I keep injuring my damn self when I work out, so while I’m still going to work out (because I actually like it) I’m not going to go all ape sh*t about it. I’m just going focus on building my core strength and not breaking anything.
    I like your plan- GO YOU.

  6. I went to the gym 5 out of 7 days last week and started (seriously) dieting and I’ve lost 3lbs already! Woo!! I’m in Bride-to-Be mode, so hopefully I’ll stick with it. I also bought a new pair of sneakers this past weekend that I ADORE. I like wearing them so much (at least for now), I can’t wait to go to the gym and use them. 🙂 …I’m such a girl.

  7. I am too old to jump about but I walk a lot and have just came back from a 5k walk..I left at 7.30 thi morning when it was nice and cool…But some great advice and baby steps is good and develpong new, good habits…Faddy diets don’t work I work on a 205/ 80% diet which gives me some wiggle room..It is finding what works for you isn’t it…Good Luck everyone 🙂

    1. Thank you Carol! I’m currently looking out at blowing snow and ice so I’d be interested to know what part of the globe you are from since you mentioned “nice and cool”. In my mind, it’s all about just moving. As long as you are doing something, it’s benefiting your body. And you are right, fad diets don’t work! Here is a post where I tried the Ali pill and I crapped my pants….at work. I kid you not! https://hotmessmemoir.com/2016/03/20/well-ali-be-damn-my-horribly-wrong-experience-with-the-diet-pill/

      1. I live in Thailand and it is our cooler time of year so lovely to walk now as it will soon be getting hotter. I go as early as I can in the mornings. I steer clear of any diet pills or liquids I learnt that years ago..The hard way …haha….I eat quite sensibly and all fresh food here anyway but walking every day gives wiggle room and keeps my weight stable so I think like you however, you prefer to move is good 🙂

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