Ohio, Cold as F***

Ohio, Cold as F***

Look, I know cold weather happens in January and I know the level of cold we are to endure but this is RIDICULOUS! It’s 3 degrees right now. For the majority of the world that goes by celsius, I converted 3 degrees to celsius and that’s -16.11. Does that make sense why I’m flipping out? Then you have the wind chill. Tomorrow morning it’s scheduled to be -15 to -20 (or -26.11 to -28.89)

weather appI love my new weather app. It doesn’t mix words. Here is what I just brought up right before writing this post. I think the people behind this app must not be 100% fluent in English because some of the things they say (such as putting the 2 words some and shit together in the screen shot) doesn’t always make sense but I applaud them for trying.

When it’s this cold, normally there are school delays. Central Ohio has a combined total of 52 right now. I’m checking this website every 5 minutes, praying to school Gods they’ll delay my sons’ schools. Here’s what pisses me off about our school district: they wait till 5 a.m. to realize, “maybe it’s too f’ing cold for the kids. Let’s send out a loud, obnoxious text to alert them so no one can get back to sleep. This is such a better game plan then delaying it at 9 p.m. the night before and allowing everyone to sleep in.”

Ok, we are at 53 school closings. Still not our district DAMN IT!

The Spider and the Omen

There really isn’t a great segue into this next topic. I just want to talk about it. We can file this under a “Look! Squirrel” moment. So this morning as I was placing everything on the kitchen table I wanted to take to work, a white spider scurried out of my new 2018 planner.

Instinctively, I screamed then grabbed my son’s cup he didn’t take over to the sink to smash it. When I realized the cup bottom wasn’t flat and it was still alive, I grabbed my next weapon- a White Barn Candle Company candle.

Pleased with my kill, I had another thought, ‘what if that was an omen? Shit, what if it was a good omen and I blew it?’ I vowed to research it this evening.

And so I did. Turns out, I may have sealed the deal to live life as a destitute woman. I say that because apparently spiders can mean good fortune and money….unless you kill it. Actually, you aren’t supposed to kill it…. especially in the morning. 2 faux pas I completely blew. One Russian omen said a white spider on the kitchen table means an enemy is afoot. If that’s the case, the enemy is at the bottom of the trash can.

So if any of you have knowledge of omens, specifically for our 6-legged friends, I’m all ears. Do you have any omens that have been passed down in your family? Any that you believe in?


Honestly, I only want to believe the omens that are good.

P.S. 63 school closings and it’s not ours!!



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