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Hurricane Irma Headquarters

So your’s truely has been just like a hurricane headquarters. All day, I’ve been begging my mother and cousin to get out before the hurricane. Despite a mandatory evacuation, my mother was pretty much like…..

This obviously presented issues since her area was under a mandatory evacuation. At one point I text her the following: “they are saying that if you choose to stay, go ahead and write your social security number on your arm because you won’t survive.”

At 3:30 I received a text that my mom and sister decided to leave. I exhaled a HUGE sigh of relief. My uncle, cousin and her family were leaving too as they were under a mandatory evacuation as well. As I would later learn, this was just the stepping stone into the next issue- no hotel/motel anywhere.

So from 7 till now (10:30 PM), I’ve been calling hotels in Orlando, Florida to Savannah, Georgia. When I called a Brunswick, Georgia Fairfield Inn, here is the exchange that took place:

Me: “Ma’am, shows you have availability yet when my uncle called, you said you are sold out.”

Tangeray (this will be her name because I’m pissed with her): “Yes, we are closed.”

A few seconds…with cricket sounds…..

Me: “Closed? What do you mean by that?”

Tangeray: “We are being mandatory evacuated. You’ll have to call 1-800- Marriott,” she said in a deep Southern twang.

Me: “Ok fine, but I need to find a room for my uncle and cousin so what towns would you recommend they try, maybe West?”  I was attempting to talk to her, human to human. I needed help and I was hoping she would help.

Tangeray: “Ma’am, you can call 1-800-Mar….”


I was so pissed she repeated that I call 1-800-Marriott when I was clearly asking for town recommendations that I hang up on her ass. What a bitch. Don’t go through your stupid, douche, speech corporate gave to you. Fuckin’ tell me which town I should direct my uncle to.

After about 30 minutes I didn’t hear anything from my uncle so I sent him the following text:

“I haven’t heard from you so I’m assuming you found a place to stay.”

5 minutes later he responded back that he found safe shelter in Southern Georiga. So to recap, Hot Mess’s mother, sister, cousin and uncle are safe! I’m going to drink Cabernet now as I’m exhausted keeping everyone alive!





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21 thoughts on “Hurricane Irma Headquarters

  1. Amazing how bad the weather is in parts of the world!! Pleased to hear that your family are okay. I wonder when most will not be able to afford insurance. As NZ is heading that way rather fast with storms and earthquakes!!!

  2. This is really scary! I am so glad your family are safe and that they evacuated!
    I’m sending all the virtual hugs to you all!

    Also, what happens to people that can’t evacuate? Like if they don’t have a car or they are hooked up to machines in hospital etc? Who helps them? (I’m worried for everyone!!)

    1. I appreciate your concern. A few things happen for those people. They have free buses that take people who don’t have a car to the shelters however service stopped yesterday at 3 p.m. For people hooked up to machines in hospitals, they evacuate them days and days before the hurricane to other hospitals. For seniors and special needs folks, they have shelters specificially for them.

      1. That is really good to know! I can worry about everyone a little less now.

        I hope your family is all settled into their shelter by now!

        1. I appreciate it Josy! My mom and sister went back to their home. Minor damage AND they have power! Considering 2/3 of Floridians do not have power, they are soooo lucky!!!!

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