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Hurricane Irma

I think it was about a week ago when we caught word that a second hurricane was making its way to America. I thought, ‘this is just the media, making things drama and this will dissipate.’ But it hasn’t. In fact, it is estimated to be very catastrophic which sucks a lot because my mother and sister are in the direct path.

Yes, mama hot mess and sissy hot mess live in Cape Coral, Florida. They moved there many years ago and I guess, never looked back. I am worried for them and wish they would have evacuated. There are plans to begin mandatory evacuations this morning of several areas of Cape Coral. My family’s evacuation group is B so they will be next.

After they made their minds up to stay, they began preparations of buying water, flash lights and batteries. Apparently my sister, “knows a guy”, who got them MRE’s. Most people “know a guy” who can fix a car or get you a drug you’re looking for so it’s kinda random that this guy has a stash of MRE’s lying around. Perhaps he’s a doomsday dealer? I don’t know.

Yesterday my friend sent me a video of the devastation Irma and it sent me into panic mode. I began to research hurricane preparedness, checklists and the current state of my mother’s county. Here is where my mom and sister are. Notice they are almost in the pink zone which is the area that may be evacuated today.

Cape Coral

Now my ADD is kicking in. The map looks like an elephant, doesn’t it? Anywho, I was reading shelter information and it kind of reads like the hotel we almost stayed in last week:

Shelter Info

A luxurious 20 square feet? Where do I sign up? Additionally, they go on to mention that shelter cots, blankets and toiletries would not be provided and you would have to bring that, as long as it fits in your 20 square feet. I would not do well with this situation as I become extremely territorial during 4th of July with my blanket/chair area and God help anyone that steps on my blanket. It’s like my food touching on the plate. I do everything in my power to ensure this doesn’t happen.

In addition to the shelter info, I read the checklist and evacuation info and sent them to her. Here is our conversation.

God help them if this is their plan of attack.



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8 thoughts on “Hurricane Irma

  1. If it’s not too late, tell them to get some glow sticks if they can find any. They are water proof and don’t require power.

    I work for the health department and we have our own Emergency Preparedness Coordinator who is REALLY into his job. Hope they stay safe!

      1. If their plan is to ride it out, then that’s what they need to do. If they start getting standing/rushing water inside, they need to head to higher ground (up stairs). Once the storm passes and they need rescued, they need to hang a sheet or something outside that reads Help or SOS for people to know to come looking. They should never attempt to venture out during the storm.

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