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My Biggest Social Media Pet Peeves

It’s rare I go a week without rolling my eyes based on what I like to consider social media faux pas. I think I did a post like this last Spring but I’m too lazy to check so I’m going to jot down my pet peeves for Spring 2017. Some may be familiar to you.

Vaguebooking: This is the #1 pet peeve I have. I have NEVER liked when people fish for attention and vaguebooking is exactly what this is. If you try to call it out, you look like the insensitive jerk. You know what I’m talking about, people who post things like:

  • Prayers needed!
  • I am so sad. Sigh……
  • Best news ever!

I’m going to save  a TON of whispering behind your back. STOP! JUST STOP! No one wants to take the bullet and ask so quit putting people in this position!

Hashtagging everything: People that feel the need to hashtag everything on Facebook (unless you promoting your business, blog page, etc.) drive me INSANE! #BLESSED #SOCCERMOM #LOL I get hashtagging on Twitter when again you are trying to promote your blog or business but come on, Facebook? Side note, I have people at work that hashtag things in email. I shit you not! If you have a case of the Mondays, just say it. Don’t #CaseOfTheMondays.

Posting only stuff about your child or pet: It’s not that we don’t like seeing pics of your kid or pet, just not a blow by blow of everything your kid or pet are doing. I mean Jesus! Would you like a documentary of Chichi’s life? I didn’t think so.

Car selfies: Why does everyone take selfies in the car? I am asking this sincerely because I’m curious. If I began to take a car selfie I would be embarrassed. I just don’t get it. The worst thing is some people use these selfies for their LinkedIn profile.

Those f’ing animations people are adding to their picture: I mean, WTF? Seriously, WTF! You aren’t a cat or a fox or have an adorable little puppy nose. Your a 40 year old woman embarrassing yourself. This is on par with a tramp stamp.

Facebook live: I have a love/hate relationship with this. While I find this interesting maybe 5% of the time and I’ve even done like 3 videos, I receive notifications for EVERY SINGLE VIDEO. I’m sure I can turn it off, I just haven’t learned how.

Normal messages disguised as colorful memes: I don’t know the name of this yet but it’s getting on my nerves. I start to read one, thinking it’s going to be witty or funny. Instead the message is more along the lines of: Having dinner with the hubby at the Olive Garden.

Following me on Twitter only to get followers: Though this will never stop, I want to be like “quit following me just to gain more followers then dump me!” That is using people and I think it’s rude. So you know what I did? I downloaded the Statusbrew app. It’s free and tells me who quit following me. When they clearly followed me just to gain more followers but I actually followed them because I thought they may be interesting, I immediately stop following them. Immature? Maybe.

Taking what I say seriously: I don’t come to Facebook to spew my political beliefs or troll or rain on people’s parade. One of my biggest pet peeves is when I am attacked on Facebook because of someone else’s personal beliefs because of something I say in good fun. Allow me to demonstrate: I said jokingly (and 95% of the people took it that way) that pets are not children and laid out why they aren’t. Suddenly people are attacking me right and left because they couldn’t laugh about it. Listen up Debbie Downer, hop back on Eeyore and get the hell out of here. Go be sensitive somewhere else.

So that is all I have for now. What are your pet peeves? I’m sure they are mine too.

AMENDMENT: Thanks to No Love For Fatties, she reminded me of 1 more pet peeve and it’s huge for me so I’m surprised I didn’t have this on my initial list: Being thrown into groups without being asked. I am going to start unfriending. If I wake up one more day to see I’ve been added to another Lulu Roe page (or whatever the hell they’re called), I am going to loose me shit! I don’t care if the leggings feel like baby clouds are embracing my thighs, do not put me in your group! I think it is soooo rude because anytime one of the cult members comment on their leggings, I get a notification.


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17 thoughts on “My Biggest Social Media Pet Peeves

  1. I’ve never understood the car selfie thing, either!! Like, what’s the deal with that? When are you taking it– before you drive away? at a red light? after you arrive at your destination????

  2. When you figure out how to turn off the facebook live notifications, or how to get rid of the stupid circles at the top of the app, let me know cos I hate them too!

    1. I will def! What are the circles you speak of? I just thought of 1 more faux pas. I’ll have to amend: Putting me in groups I did not agree to join!

      1. Oh YES! Before if you got invited to a group you have to agree to join, now you are just automatically added. So annoying! And on my facebook app, when I open it, it’s like instagram now, with the circles at the top of videos that have been posted.

  3. I find if you post rude comments to the groups, you quit getting asked to join….

    You quit having friends, but meh.

    I could use some friends that don’t come with pyramid schemes….

    1. Hmm… you may be on to something. Like I could ask if the leggings work faster when choking baby kittens or something. Really freak them out so I’m never thrown into a group again?!?! Damn friend, you’ve got some great ideas!

  4. I HATE Vaguebooking! HATE.IT. I was just talking about this with a friend. One of my Facebook friends just posted this terribly criptic post about her daughter and basically said, “Bad shit is happening, but we’re not telling anyone yet.” JUST SHUT THE EFF UP THEN. Why would you post something that could mean she could be dying or she just has a bad case of the shits? Like, DON’T. In other news, I’m a HUGE car selfie whore. It’s when I’m my most fabulous i.e. Sunlight blurs out my imperfections).

    1. But see, if you say anything to the mom, you’re the ass hole. As for the car selfies, I can’t figure it out bc I look AWFUL in car pics.

      1. OMG! Right?! Another friend posts ridiculous depressing shit about her life and the next day says, “I love my life!” I’ve thought about messaging her and being real about how it looks, but then I’m the bully.

        1. Yeah, when you have oblivious people, they will see nothing wrong with their posts. They look like fools. You would think that when they begin to type this out, they would question it but that is where the oblivious comes into play. HATE IT!!!!

  5. Vaguebooking is the worst! I have an aunt that is the queen of vaguebooking. She will post something vague, and then share the post minutes later when no one comments on the original and if no one comments on that one, she will comment on it herself saying how no one loves her or cares about her. Its annoying AF!

    I also hate car selfies. They are equivalent to mirror selfies in my book, which are idiotic. No one wants to see your bathroom that hasn’t seen a broom/mop/sponge/flamethrower in months, if not years, just like no one wants to see your collection of McDonald’s cups and crumpled up burger wrappers in your backseat while you show off your hot new fashion accessory: a seat belt.

    I’m not a fan of Facebook memories. No Facebook, I don’t want to be reminded of my ex every. single. day. Thanks, but no thanks!

    1. OMG!!! How could I forget Facebook memories?! Those are the worst! Facebook- “We thought you might like to see this time from 5 years ago when you were 20lbs lighter, happy and making 30,000 more a year.” Yes Facebook, please rub it in. Thank you! I’m gonna go kill myself now! Geeze!!

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