Let’s Swap Blog Posts!!!

You Better Not Blog This!

Husbands? Lunch? Nah! I was thinking I haven’t done a guest post in a long time and I’ve never had someone do a guest post for me. I love all of your stories, so how about it? Would anyone like to write a post for my blog and I’ll write a post for yours? Either answer in the comments or e-mail me at [email protected]. If you are reaching me via reader, you have to click on my actual site: HotMessMemoir.

I do have a few requirements/rules about my posts (yes, believe it or not, I really do have a few rules!):

  • The only topics off limits are politics, hate or a topic that would land you in jail.
  • No more than 700 words please.
  • It needs to be REALLY funny! Basically if you are laughing while you write, that’s a really good sign!
  • Curse or be crass till your little heart is content! I don’t care if you talk about dildo’s, poop or things that annoy you. Can’t do that on your blog? Please, do it on mine! Let loose!

Let the swapping begin!

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