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My Letter to Great Clips

Look, I would never go to Great Clips for my own hair but for my sons’ simple haircuts, it’s a no brainer. A year ago, I was so disgusted by the salon associates, I sent the following note to their customer service. Enjoy.

Dear Great Clips,

I always take my sons to Great Clips b/c of the price and you do a good job on their hair. I do have to comment about your salon in P——- and the lack of standards found in this salon for your employees. We were greeted tonight by a girl wearing sweat pants tucked into turquoise cow girl boots wearing a t-shirt. She had about 2″ diamonique disks in her ear lobes that scared one of my sons. The tats up and down her arms, I get. Those you really can’t remove, perhaps cover? The second little gem that struck my eye was wearing a tightly fitted white shirt with stains. Her hair looked like she just rolled out of bed and there was a random purple strand of hair hanging down. One of the gals had normal color hair that was then lined all the way around in bright pink. We frequent this salon or the one in P——- and I must say the “wholesome” girl next door look in your commercials wearing a polo shirt neatly tucked into khakis isn’t happening. Now, I get that you aren’t hiring Frederic Fekkai but let’s have some standards here. Salons (no matter what price point) are about promoting people at their best. Many of your in store employees (not all of them, but about 1/2) look dumpy and unkept. Regardless of a franchise or reason, please set some standards in employee dress code.

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5 thoughts on “My Letter to Great Clips

  1. I’ve noticed that most beauticians’ hair is usually a mess. I’m seeing a lot more of the weird hair colors in other places as well.Did anything change after your letter? Great Clips is not the only cut-price salon around. Take your business elsewhere.

    1. You know what keeps me coming back? They have an app where I can sign in before I drive there thus allowing us to skip the wait. That is THE ONLY thing keeping us there. Sigh.

  2. That hairstylist sounds scary. But it also sounds like an ADVENTURE to hair her cut your hair (or anyone else’s)!

    One time I went to Super Cuts or Great Clips or Awesome Chop-offs … whatever … and I told the stylist I wanted her to cut my hair VERY short — like 10 inches off. Her hand starting shaking, her voice trembled and she said she could do it. She, unlike the stylist, you’ve described above, looked like a make-upless mouse that crawled out for the library and had probably never kissed anyone ever — she looked to be in her 30s. So … the awesome hot cool black woman took over, swooped in and gave me the best short-hair I’ve ever had in my life.

    Interesting times these places …

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