Well I Did Not See That Coming….

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C comes into my room crying. After several minutes urging him to tell me what is bothering him he finally blurts out:
“I’m afraid someone is going to break into the house and kill you.”
‘I’m sorry, come again?’ I thought.
He continued to cry and say it over and over again. Ok, he was freaking me out now. He was just 1 pale twin short of a horror movie.
“Dude, no one is going to break in and kill me. I promise.”
By now my husband had come up and asked what’s wrong.
“Go on, tell daddy what you told me,” I urged him.
He whimpered for a few seconds then started, “I-I-I,” large gulp of air. “I told mommy that, that….I’m afraid someone is going to come in and kill you and her.”
And do you know the first thought that came to mind? I’m almost embarrassed to tell you. My first thought was, ‘Wait a minute…..I thought the killer was only coming for me. Not daddy. Just me.’

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