Walking Dead Back Sunday-My Questions for the Characters

Ok, have you ever wanted to ask the characters of Walking Dead the following questions? I’m so excited for the return of WD. In celebration of their return, below are the questions that run through my head at any given time. I know…I know….thought provoking questions.

  1. When will Rick and Michonne hook up. Let’s be real here, there is some sexual tension and I would like to see this happen. Can we work the sword into the love scene somehow?
  2. When will Carl take off that fucking hat? More importantly, could they have found an older name for Carl then Carl? Why not go all out and name him Frances? That’s like a 55 year old gas station attendant.
  3. Did anyone else think Carol was gay at first? I did.
  4. If they cover their body with the walking dead grossness so they come off as one of them, what about their heads? Their heads aren’t covered in zombie slime so the whole action is null and void.
  5. Similar to Carl, why the hell would they name an adorable baby girl Judith? Judith is such a LARGE name. The only Judith I’ve heard of is Judith Light.
  6. Why did they feel Judith was a good character to add in the first place? Like Angelina Jolie and her adoption phase, their probably like ‘crap, now we have to tote this stupid baby around.’
  7. Is Glenn dead? Not happy if he is.
  8. Why has a “season” dwindled down to roughly 12 episodes? So annoyed when a show starts in October, stops in December, picks up in March then continued to May. If the demand is there, you better damn well find more writers for more content.
  9. Have you ever thought that Daryl needs to have his ears cropped? Now hear me out on this. It just seems like his ears are a ticking time bomb and really need cropped. Are they there for handles? Maybe you hang on to them? How many women have been tempted to hold on to them during sex?
  10. If they kill off one more f-ing main character, I am going to loose my shit.

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