My World in Pictures


I take these funny pictures hoping it will make you laugh. Lord knows it makes me laugh. Below is a snip it of my life in images. Can you relate?

My weekly grocery cart

This is my typical grocery cart on a weekly basis. I play a game every week on “how many people can I get to roll their eyes, turn around and go to another lane” because I have too much shit to buy. The average is 2, the highest has been 4.

I lost the battle with the ice

Look, I don’t know the science of salt and what type of salt eats the ice. I just know we were out of it and all I had was Kosher, Sea Salt and Table. Seeing that I use the kosher the least and the crystals are the largest, I opted to try it. This was purely an experiment that clearly went wrong. I broke my ice scraper AND all the ice did not melt.

I felt like a horrible mom. The boy’s friend was over so I made 2 boxes of mac and cheese. This called for an entire log of margarine. I began to stir it like a butter churner just trying to get the shit to melt in preparation for the neon orange “cheese” powder. After about 5 minutes the log was almost gone. To offset my guilt, I served baby carrots.

I am Italian and a boxed wine is unheard of. Hear me out; I found this wine after Forbes rated it pretty high. I felt so dirty like I needed to take a shower after picking this up at CVS. Had I stooped so low? Turned out to be better than I expected. With the $22 price tag and the equivalent of 4 bottles, this was a win/win situation. Fast forward a year later and you have to rip the box open to reveal what looks to be a blood bag to squeeze the remainder out. Is it bad that I snip off the corner at the very end to get the last little bit out?


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