Coronavirus- What It Looks Like in Ohio, Week 1


Well folks, we have 4 confirmed cases, all in the Cleveland area. There are also two people being tested in the county next to me. The grocery store is RIDICULOUS right now. I took the below pictures 4 days ago when there were 0 reported cases:

wipescoronavirus cleaners

empty cleanersNow remember, we had no cases in Ohio when I took these pics. And can we talk about the ass hole that stole the wipes from the dispenser? Are you kidding me? So not only are you paranoid but you’re a dumb thief. I love that someone typed up that sign. I have visions of a furious assistant manager marching to the backroom of the grocery store, sitting down at their computer and angrily typing up the message. Personally, mine would have said this:

To the ass hole that stole the wipes,

I’d like to remind you that you just touched the dirtiest place in the entire store,  while extracting the wipes. I trust that karma will catch up with you and you’ll experience rotavirus, the flu, a cold and herpes, hopefully simultaneously.

-The Management

School Might Be Cancelled

My friend told me that her teacher friends (teachers that teach in our district) were saying they are considering closing the schools. I dismissed this as a rumor until I received the following email last night:

closing schools

I sent a screenshot to everyone with the simple caption OH…MY….GOD. I am 43-years-old and I’ve never encountered anything like this. At first, I didn’t understand why the officials are preventing large gatherings and considering the closing of schools but now I get it.

In a nutshell, if cases get to the levels of Italy or China, the hospitals won’t have enough resources to treat everyone. We’re now hearing cases of not enough ventilators in Italy. We’re also hearing that they are having to choose who to treat and who to not to I based on underlying health conditions. Though I thought it was being blown out of proportion a few days ago, I get the reasoning with canceling events and possible school closures to prevent spread. What I’m unclear about is the level of support America will receive with regards to paid sick leave, unemployment, child care, etc.

I feel like we’re damned if we do, damned if we don’t. The economy is gonna go down the shitter if everything is shut down to prevent spread. On the other hand, if the coronavirus spreads, we could end up like Italy or China.

So yeah, that’s week one in Ohio. We have spastic dooms-day preppers buying enough toilet paper to supply Disneyworld and stealing Clorox wipes. What’s it look like in your neck of the woods?



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